Montana Senior News — Von Reichert
Photo by Crackle Photography.

Paul and Christiane Von Reichert Dig Into Life

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By GENEVIEVE JESSOP MARSH — Paul and Christiane von Reichert are some of the most dedicated urban farmers you’ll meet. They’ve convinced landlords to let them dig up apartment courtyards. They’ve grown veggies in community garden plots from Missoula to Kiel, Germany. They’ve traveled to friends’ yards in the Bitterroot to scratch out a little growing space. They’ve transported chickens in bicycle baskets to community gardens to fertilize in the fall (they also raised meat chickens in an apartment that didn’t allow pets). They’ve cured their onions on the porch of their third floor apartment.

Pencil Sketches of Montana by Alfred Mathews

Pencil Sketches of Montana

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Alfred Mathews’ Work From 1868—Pencil Sketches of Montana—on Display at Free Ceramics in Helena