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    Firebox for keeping important documents
    Documents, Documents, Where Are the Documents? - Having important documents secure, yet easy to find and use when needed, is a challenge for many older folks, but with a little work, it can be accomplished. 
    Card that reads "Power of Attorney" for an article about planning ahead for a durable power of attorney
    © Daisy Daisy, Bigstock.com
    Possible Guardianship or Conservatorship in Your Future? Plan Ahead with A Durable Power of Attorney - Seeking guardianship or conservatorship for who can't tend to their own needs? It's a long process. Plan ahead with a durable power of attorney.
    Photo of a winter hat surrounded by an assortment of colored gloves.
    Tips for Enjoying Those Last Days of Winter - We are now a good three months into winter weather, and it is getting tedious and tiresome. Explore how to employ that positive, last days of winter mindset.
    woman getting physical therapy for long covid
    Physical Therapists Can Help Manage Long COVID - Physical therapists can play an essential role in managing symptoms of long COVID.
    steps for testing women for copd
    5 Steps for Women to Reduce Risk of COPD - Women should be aware that shortness of breath, frequent coughs, or wheezing are not just signs of getting older — they could be signs of COPD.
    Photo of a hand holding a tree branch, getting ready for pruning. Waking the orchard
    Waking the Orchard - As sunlight returns for longer days, it’s time to start waking the orchard, preparing for blossoms, fruit set, pests, and dreams of harvest. 
    culver horse used for therapy
    Beloved Culver Horse Donated for Therapy Program - Patton is 17 hands tall, weighing about 1,700 lbs. Culver Academies donated him to Holistic Riding Equine Therapy, where he will easily carry large students.
    Pierre-Jean De Smet
    Public domain / Photo by Matthew Brady, Lincoln anda Cilvil War Photographer.
    Montana’s Founding Father: Pierre-Jean De Smet - Pierre-Jean De Smet established the first church and permanent settlement in Montana, St. Mary’s, nestled in the Bitterroot Valley.
    image from an old vinegar valentines card
    Vinegar Valentines: Sour — Not Sweet — Nothings - Some pranksters used to enjoy mailing vinegar valentines, which involved gentle teasing—a little joke here, a little poke there—meant to produce a smile.
    two heart-shaped balloons for a matchmakers article
    Today’s Professional Matchmakers - You may wonder whether how services of professional matchmakers are different from online dating apps. In fact, they differ in a few significant ways.
    photo of a lilac for a story about backyard burials, called "Grandpa's Buried Out Back Under the Lilac."
    Grandpa’s Out Back Under the Lilac: Backyard Burials - Montana has no laws requiring bodies be interred in cemeteries. Backyard burials are allowed, unless a county has regulations or zoning ordinances against it.
    Toadflax weevil
    Laws with Flaws: Dalmatian Toadflax Lurking in Your Backyard? - Dalmatian toadflax is listed in Mineral County Weed Management District's Most Wanted Law. Half of Montana’s counties, in fact, have their own similar lists.
    Architecture rendition of Helena's new Heritage Center
    Drawing courtesy the Montana Historical Society
    Changes Ahead with Montana’s Heritage Center in Helena - Helena's new Heritage Center will house the Montana Historical Society, thanks to the efforts of MTHS employees and some kindred spirits in the legislature. 
    taking a break from ice sailing to eat pizza
    Photo courtesy John Eisenlohr
    Ice Sailing: Cherish Windy Revelry on Montana Reservoirs  - Euphoria fills John Eisenlohr whenever and wherever he goes ice sailing on Montana’s renowned frozen reservoirs from December to April.
    Valerie Hellermann, founder and executive director of Hands On Global, cares for a child in Samos, Greece.
    Photo courtesy Hands On Global.
    Hands On Global: Offering Hope and Healing for Refugees - Founded by Helena's Valerie Hellermann, Hands On Global is the only non-government organization at shelters providing medical care in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
    Author Holly Endersby with a fresh catch — fishing in rural Alaska
    Rural Alaska Fishing Trips: Great Fishing, Less Glitz - If you can’t embrace weather challenges, limited housing options, or lots of milk-run flights to get where you’re going, rural Alaska fishing is not for you.
    A pile of gummy edibles
    Understanding Cannabis Dosing Requires More Research - Anyone using cannabis medicinally should always follow a doctor's dosing recommendations. One person may start with 5mg, where another may start at 10mg.