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    MSN 396 August September Issue

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    Montanans Who Are We?
    Montanans—Who Are We? - At a recent family reunion, I sat with four generations of Montanans. We ate a typical picnic spread. The thing which brought these four generations here, this day, was our Montana roots.
    Julia Child
    Exploding Ducks, Enormous Knives, Julia Child - Undaunted by her ineptitude, Julia set a goal of becoming a master cook.
    DeSoto Grill
    Flamin’ Up the Grill - A short clip from the DeSoto Grill in Kalispell.
    Ahi Tuna Steaks
    Ahi Tuna Steaks on Slaw with Bacon Wrapped Asparagus - Imagine the gentle crash of waves and cool tropical air as you rest from your everyday cares. Come meal-time, you crave something just as fresh as the sea itself. This Ahi tuna steak recipe should fit the bill. 
    Hi Yo Silver, The Lone Ranger
    Hi Yo Silver: Working on The Lone Ranger - The year was 1955. I received a call from my agent to go on an audition for the feature film The Lone Ranger.
    The positive impact of golf
    Finnish Golfers’ Quality of Life Improving Through Golf - Regular physical activity–such as golf–is one of the best things you can do for your health.
    Supporting your aging loved one at home
    How to Know When Your Aging Loved One Needs Support at Home - “Her big thing was, ‘I’m fine, I’m strong,’ recalls her daughter Margaret Robbibaro. “She was going to motor on.” Yet over the next few months, the Sewickley resident started to notice things weren’t quite right with her 84-year-old mother.
    Skullcracker Skullduggery – Moonshine - Our image of a moonshiner? A lone, lanky, scraggly, rugged, sunburnt, long-bearded, floppy-hatted. beady-eyed, suspicious, individual-liberty-lovin’, Feds-hatin’, shotgun-totin’ hillbilly, high on a remote, forested Appalachian mountain.
    Week of Native Events
    Great Falls to Host Week of Native Events This Fall - This fall, for the first time, tribal leaders and community members from across the state will convene in Great Falls for a week of events, including traditional games, powwows, storytelling, and a conference.
    Hatfield McCoy feud
    Road Trips & Recipes: The Hatfield and McCoy Feud, Historic Sites and Driving Tour - The famous Hatfield-McCoy feud that has terrorized the law-abiding citizens in Eastern Kentucky has broken out afresh and another wholesale slaughter is looked for at any moment.
    Kalispell's Wachholz College Center
    Photo by Heidi Long at Longviews Studios, Inc.
    Kalispell’s Wachholz College Center: A State-of-the-Art Concert Venue - A town becomes a destination when it builds a performing arts center and Kalispell now has a magnificent one. The Wachholz College Center and its showpiece McClaren Hall are the culmination of three dreams.
    Elder Mediation
    Elder Mediation Can Help Families Navigate Thorny Caregiving Issues - While mediators have been used for years to help divorcing couples sort out legal and financial disagreements and avoid court battles, eldercare mediation is a relatively new and specialized service designed to help families resolve disputes that are related to aging parents or other elderly relatives.
    Living with COPD
    Living With COPD? How to Navigate Palliative and Hospice Care - During every stage of COPD, starting when a person is first diagnosed, different supportive care options are available that can improve quality of life, including palliative and hospice care.
    Blue Zones
    Why are Blue Zones Important to Us? - This team drew blue circles on the map highlighting the villages where these centenarians lived. These areas were called Blue Zones.
    Daily Money Manager
    Five Financial Benefits of Hiring a Daily Money Manager - In an era of increasing financial complexity, managing personal finances can become overwhelming for many individuals. Enter the daily money manager (DMM), a professional service that offers invaluable assistance in organizing and overseeing day-to-day financial matters.
    Marty Wasserman
    Completing His 25th Chesapeake Bay Swim at Age 81 - Swimming has long been a Zen-like experience for Ellicott City resident Marty Wasserman, the Maryland secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene from 1994-99.
    Bob McKinnon
    With Bob McKinnon’s Passing, Great Falls Loses a Six-Decade Civic Champion - From his arrival to the Electric City in 1962 until he was too ill to continue this past April, McKinnon, along with his wife Suzy, selflessly and tirelessly devoted himself to championing Great Falls in his many avocations as a swim instructor and coach, multi-genre writer, and banjo player.
    Researching Historic Tipi Rings
    Photo by Patrick Rennie, DNRC.
    Historic Tipi Rings - Members of the Youth Forest Monitoring Program record the placement of historic stone circles, likely tipi rings, near the banks of the Sun River along the Rocky Mountain Front.
    The art of leaving home
    The Art of Leaving Home - Moving out of an apartment, as I’ve been doing recently, convinces me, at last, to resign from American consumer culture and live with only bedding, one towel, two changes of clothing, a pair of shoes, and one suit to wear for shows and also to be buried in.
    Mike Sullivan Lavender Farm
    Photo by Robert Hunt
    Scent-Sational: Sullivans Hope Their Lavender Farm Has a Lingering Impact - “The scent is fantastic,” said Sullivan, explaining the steam distillation process he uses to extract the fragrant oil at Longview Lavender Farm on the northwest shore of Flathead Lake near Somers.