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    Summer weather golf
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    Addicted to Golf: From Dawn Till Dusk - It's perfect; the weather we have all been waiting for! Long summer days are just what the doctor ordered, especially for someone who has an addiction to golf.
    Book Review Young Montana Man
    Book Review: A Young Man of Montana: From Hard Youth to Hawaii Mule-Skinner - Contains affiliate links A Young Man of Montana: From Hard Youth to Hawaii Mule-Skinner, By Daniel T. Miller (Sweetgrass Books, 2021) Review by Kathleen Mulroy Irvin Atchison was born in eastern Montana, near the Yellowstone River, in 1914, an area that was “an oasis of cottonwoods just east of dry, open prairies and desolate badlands.”… Read More »Book Review: A Young Man of Montana: From Hard Youth to Hawaii Mule-Skinner
    Old Yeller
    Photo courtesy Beverly Washburn.
    Old Yeller, Best Doggone Dog in the World - I have been asked by some of you to write about the movie that most people seem to remember me for. The year was 1956 and I was asked to audition for the part of “Lisbeth” in the Walt Disney film “Old Yeller.”
    Hitchcock's The Birds
    © 1963 Universal Pictures Company, Inc.; photograph from a private collection
    When Hitchcock’s The Birds Became Real - It was a scene of pure pandemonium, a flock of birds crashing into houses in a quiet California beach town, the crazed creatures smashing windows and attacking the residents whose frantic screams matched the agonizing shrieks of the interlopers themselves.
    Fostering Caregiver Resilience
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    Foster Resilience as a Caregiver - Here are some strategies for fostering resilience and helping you cope with the ongoing stress and periodic crises involved in caring for someone with a chronic illness.
    Being a guy
    The Beauty of Being a Guy - There’s great freedom in being a guy. This is not about conformity.
    Menopause Madness
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    Menopause Madness - Some things in life aren’t easy to explain or understand, and menopause is one of them.
    Beware spam calls
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    Beware of Dangerous Spam Calls - Scammers are always looking for new ways to dupe people out of money, and in the United States, spam phone calls remain the primary way swindlers hook older victims.
    Fourth of July Birthday Tradition
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    A Fourth of July Birthday Tradition - It was time to celebrate­—to celebrate their safe arrival from North Dakota, to celebrate their new home (although it was temporary), and to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday, the Fourth of July.
    Bill Geer - A Career in Natural Resources
    Photo courtesy of Judy Geer.
    Bill Geer’s 40-Year Career in Natural Resources - According to Missoula resident Bill Geer, his whole life, including his work career in natural resources, was strongly influenced by Boy Scouts.
    Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die
    Photo by Aaron Parrett.
    Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die - His uncle Roger was a musician in Missoula who taught him his first guitar chords, but he also instilled in his young nephew a deep love of classic country and rock ‘n’ roll.
    Awakening the Dead Tour
    Photo courtesy of the Paris Gibson Month Committee
    History Tours at the Great Falls Highland Cemetery - An event packed with Montana history will be held at the Great Falls Highland Cemetery during the “Waking the Dead” tours...
    Quit driving dementia
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    When Should Dementia Patients Stop Driving? - By Jim Miller (SAVVY SENIOR) Most doctors agree that people with moderate to severe dementia should never get behind the wheel, but in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, driving performance should be the determining factor of when to stop driving, not the disease itself. With that said, it’s also important to realize that as a… Read More »When Should Dementia Patients Stop Driving?
    Bozeman Architect Fred F. Willson
    Photo Courtesy of Duncan Kippen.
    Twentieth-Century Bozeman Architect Fred F. Willson - By Suzanne Waring Downtown Bozeman has never lost its vitality and charm. Twentieth-century architect Fred F. Willson helped shape the look of Main Street by designing extraordinary buildings that remain today. His lengthy career was so productive that, if the buildings he designed were removed, a surprising percentage of downtown Bozeman would disappear. For example,… Read More »Twentieth-Century Bozeman Architect Fred F. Willson
    StockDogs that Love to Work and the Trainers Who Love Them - By Dianna Troyer Unflinching in their focus on a black Angus herd, a trio of infinitely enthusiastic Australian shepherds named Jake, Ty, and Ace, eagerly await Betty Williams’s instructions. Depending on her commands, they dash, slink, or race around to move the bovines. The task of moving the cattle to a different pasture is pure… Read More »StockDogs that Love to Work and the Trainers Who Love Them
    Monarch Butterfly
    © William Morris, Bigstock.com.
    Plight of the Monarch Butterfly - The monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) has two pairs of brilliant orange-red wings, with black veins and white spots along the edges.
    Montana Baroque
    Baroque Music in Montana - Many of us are familiar with Pachelbel’s “Canon” or the “Four Seasons” of Vivaldi or, especially, the beloved “Messiah” by George Frideric Handel. But add Johann Sebastian Bach, Arcangelo Corelli, Francesca Caccini, Barbara Strozzi, and Claudio Monteverdi, and you have only a few of the great composers of the Baroque period.
    Desk Initials
    Photo courtesy Lindie Gibson.
    The Initials on the Desk - On top of this desk are initials and names carved into the wood, and as I gazed at them, I thought about who these people were and speculated what their lives must’ve been like...
    Trimming Tomatoes
    © vveronka, Bigstock.com.
    Trimming Tomatoes - My grandmother’s beautiful garden was a long-awaited a dream come true.
    Shelby's Simple Salad
    Shelby’s Simple and Tasty Veggie Salad - Make a simple and delicious pea salad.
    Jeff Ballard, former pitcher of the Cardinals
    Public Domain
    Jeff Ballard on the Unpredictable Life of Pro Baseball - Jeff Ballard of Billings says his experiences as a pro baseball player produced the kind of memories that stick with a person for a lifetime.