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    Montana governor Sidney Edgerton, who signed a wide roads law with flaws.
    Wide Roads: Thinking Too Big When Inking A Montana Law - Sixty-six feet wide? The average width of Montana's roads in 1865 was about 10 feet. These 20 legislators were talking about making them six times wider.
    Photo of a stethoscope on a heart rate monitor report for an articke about Winter Heart Attack Risks
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    Winter Heart Attack Risks - Winter heart attack risks are higher than other times of the year, especially if you already have heart disease or have suffered a previous heart attack.
    alarm for detecting carbon monoxide poisoning on a yellow background
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    Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - The only way to protect yourself against carbon monoxide poisoning is with a detector. Every home needs at least one.
    Dr. Tiffany Hensley-McBain, recipient of an Alzheimer's research grant
    Renowned Montana Lab Awarded Groundbreaking Alzheimer’s Research Grant - Dr. Tiffany Hensley-McBain got an Alzheimer's research grant for a project at the McLaughlin Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences in Great Falls.
    photo of a red electric trike
    Photo courtesy EWheels.
    E-Trikes for Fun, Fitness, and Safety - E-Trikes are a great option for older adults with balance or stamina issues because they’re safe and super fun to ride. They’re also easy on an aging body. 
    profile of gold King Tut mask
    50PlusWire / ©Jaroslav Moravcik,
    The Mummy, His Cousin, and Me - The National Geographic Museum has an impressive exhibit on the 100th anniversary of the opening of King Tut’s tomb, on display until February 6, 2023. 
    photo of Army Surplus wool army pants My Hunting Wardrobe: What Ever Happened to $5 Pants? - When I first started hunting, my budget was so tight, it squeaked. The Army Surplus seemed like a good place to start building my hunting wardrobe. 
    photo of an elderly man getting a vaccine shot
    Recommended Annual Vaccines for Older Adults - These recommended annual vaccines offer extra protection beyond the standard flu shot — important for older adults with weaker immune defenses.  
    Closeup photo of a boy scout uniform and America Flag
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    Troop 38 - By MICAEL J. OBER Two by two, they plodded back to the bunkhouse, their snow-clogged boots thump, thumping on the steps leading to the door, announcing their disconsolate arrival.  “Close the door, whadda ya, born in a barn?” bellowed those huddled around the wood stove. “Yeah. We’re not heatin’ the great outdoors here ya know.”… Read More »Troop 38
    photo of a senior woman at the gym doing pushups with a trainer
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    Give Yourself Priority in the New Year - Give yourself priority in 2023, beginning with caring for your health. Exercise is not only beneficial for physical your health, but for your mental health too.
    Forceman of the First Special Service Force preparing rations in an improvised shelter during cold weather survival training, Blossburg, Montana, United States, January 1943. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, No. 3378685)
    Library and Archives Canada Photo, No. 3378685
    Helena’s Black Devils: Rugged Men with Rugged Training - The astounding history of the Black Devils is told at the Montana Military Museum at Fort Harrison, celebrating the 80th anniversary of their establishment. 
    Closeup photo of golf balls used as Christmas tree ornamentes
    Golf Addict on Your List? Gift Ideas for Golfers - Needing gift ideas for golfers? It really comes down to three things: things we need to golf, things we need for golf, and things to make golfing more fun.
    adaptive clothing: gray hooded sweatshirt with a velcro fastener for the zipper.
    Adaptive Clothing Takes the Stress Out of Dressing - Adaptive clothing incorporates discreet design features to make dressing and undressing easier, while still having the outward appearance of typical clothing.
    homemade Christmas tree ornaments: string of popcorn with cranberries
    Christmas Tree Memories: The Homemade Tree - Of all my Christmas tree memories, the most memorable had no lights or bright Christmas balls, but was decorated with homemade objects and covered with shimmering tinsel.
    restore-ing christmas
    RESTORE-ing Christmas - Christmas shopping stresses me out. I feel pressure to find the right gift and sometimes resort to just grabbing something to get it over with.
    Holiday Gifts for People with Alzheimer’s and Their Caregivers
    Holiday Gifts for People with Alzheimer’s and Their Caregivers - Finding the right gifts for people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers can be challenging. Here's the Alzheimer’s Association's holiday gift guide.
    Photo of Bob Hunt, publisher of Montana Senior News
    Publisher Letter: Tell Me a Story - According to a recent News Media Alliance report, 82 percent of news media consumers trust print ads over digital.
    The horse Westwind Otto competes in the National Reined Cow Horse Open Division and scores well at each show. Trained by Zane Davis (pictured here) of Blackfoot, Idaho, the stallion is making a name for himself and the Morgan breed. Photo by Kyra Germann, Rockin’ Horse Photography.
    Photo by Kyra Germann, Rockin’ Horse Photography.
    Westwind Morgans: Staking a Claim, Preserving a Treasure  - By Holly Enderby In 1989, Bryan Blatt went on an elk hunt in the rugged backcountry of Idaho. “I learned quickly that Idaho backcountry is steep, all up and down,” he recalls. “And I was impressed with the 22-year-old Morgan gelding the guide was riding. He said there was no better mountain horse in that… Read More »Westwind Morgans: Staking a Claim, Preserving a Treasure 
    Nanette Dupont throwing the curling stone and the October 2022 Helena Bonspiel
    Photo by James Ridel
    Chess On Ice: Curling Comes to Helena - A new craze has folks flocking to the ice in Montana’s capital city—curling.