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Addicted to Golf: From Dawn Till Dusk

Summer weather golf

By Don Walter

It’s perfect; the weather we have all been waiting for! Long summer days are just what the doctor ordered, especially for someone who has an addiction to golf.

Golf addicts across the Northwest are living their best life right now. Day after day filled with sunshine and golf! I was a kid when my addiction started.

I would get up early and ride my bike to my grandma’s house. She lived on the golf course, and that’s where I would keep my golf clubs. From there I would go on foot, carrying my clubs, to the clubhouse and the first tee.

It seems incredible to me now how many kids like myself would get dropped off at the golf course, ready to spend the day there. I still say to this day that a local golf course is the world’s greatest babysitter. As a kid, you get a little freedom to roam, but if you start goofing off too much, someone is always there to quickly get you back in line.

Some summer days I would get to the course about 8 a.m. and not return home until 10 p.m. What was I doing you ask? Playing golf! Practicing putting, hitting shots out of the sand traps, whacking golf balls on the range, playing nine holes over and over and over again, and, of course, socializing.

Some days for food I would sneak into my grandma’s house and find a fresh-made egg salad sandwich. On other days I would search out one of my golfing buddies for help. His dad let him charge food to his account, and, if anyone even mentioned they were hungry, a giant plate of french fries would appear from the restaurant. It was the best. That guy is still one of my best friends to this day.

Through my summers on the course, I made lots of friends. Age is hardly a barrier when everyone golfs a similar score. I met kids my age, I created a close friendship with the tee time starter, I collected golf tips from the pros, and I became buddies with people from all walks of life—some rich and influential, some handy with tools, and some just plain nice people.

This is the high season for golf addicts. We love golf. We love it enough to play well into the evenings, catching the last few rays of light, squeezing in just nine more holes. To this day, when the weather is like it is now, and I finish up a round with some friends, inevitably someone will shout, “Emergency nine!” as we leave the 18th green. We head to the first tee for another nine holes.

We can’t get enough. Partially because the weather is so perfect and partially because we know it won’t last forever.

So cheers to summer! All the golfing memories I have could fill a book, and most would have been created during the warmest months and longest days. Maybe I owe some of my golf addiction to the weather. MSN

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