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    MSN April May Issue 2024

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    A Rock-Solid Idea - By the beginning of the next year, though, there’s little doubt that you would have become aware of, if not his name, his quirky creation...
    Volunteer and senior
    Volunteering Can Help Older Adults Combat Loneliness - The bonds found in friendships and other relationships are an important factor in health and wellness—even science says so.
    Posh young black woman
    My Life as a Socialite - Some young people think that seniors were always old and can’t see us as fun-loving. On occasion we should remind them that we know how to party.
    Golf clubs
    Golf Addict New Year - The spring is like the beginning of the New Year for golf addicts!
    Senior woman doing yoga.
    Virtual Fitness: Do Your Yoga Online - Imagine an exercise regimen that doesn’t require you to shower or leave your house or even get dressed.
    Screen door
    Screen Doors of My Youth - I miss the screen doors of my youth.
    New Type of Lawn
    Considering a New Type of Lawn - “Woolly and Crawling Thyme are almost ‘plant it and then forget it’ plants. A pleasant fragrance is emitted when the thyme is walked on,”
    Father and child
    How to Talk About Death with Young Children - Young children are naturally curious about death, whether it is the death of a pet or the concept of mortality in humans, and it’s important to hold space for these explorations.
    Shakespeare on a computer
    Don’t Mess with Shakespeare - I’m sorry, guys, but when I go to see a Shakespeare play, I want to see the real thing.
    Man scratching head
    Three Myths About Social Security - For most of us, Social Security is—or will be—essential for helping to cover daily living expenses and pay bills as we get older.
    Pets with a Purpose - In addition to the companionship, invaluable during the pandemic, taking Shelby for walks provided Yvonne opportunities to meet people.
    scam call on phone
    How to Protect Seniors from Scam Calls - What tools can you recommend to help protect trusting seniors from scam calls?
    Upper Missouri River Breaks
    The Dash and the River - As I reach the end of my septuagenarian decade, I ponder Linda Ellis’ poem, The Dash, which refers to how one spends the time between birth and death.
    Old car
    The Dough Boy; “We’ll See” - Like all soldiers in the American Expeditionary Forces under General “Black Jack” Pershing, he was a dough boy.
    Lee County Florida - Arriving in Lee County, Florida weeks after Hurricane Ian devastated the destination, my wife Fyllis and I expected the worst, and our first impression supported that fear.
    Senior woman on smartphone.
    Best Cell Phones for Seniors - Can you recommend some good cell phones for seniors?
    Senior Couple
    Home Modification Tips for ‘Aging-in-Place’ - My wife and I would like to make some affordable changes to our home so we can remain living there for as long as possible. Can you recommend some good resources that can help us determine what all we need to consider?
    Branch Brady
    Branch Brady: Builder of People and Things - Running has figured in Branch Brady’s life since he was a scrawny but ornery kid living with his family in Shelby, Montana, in the early 1960s.
    Doctor and patient
    Communicating with Your Doctors for Productive Medical Visits - These days, healthcare is viewed as a partnership between patient and provider, with both parties responsible for ensuring a constructive relationship.
    Fire lookout
    Life in the Sky: History of Fire Lookouts - What’s more romantic than being atop a mountain, surrounded by millions of trees?