October November 2023 Issue

    MSN 401 October November 2023 Issue

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    Singer Gladys Knight.
    “Midnight Train to Georgia” Gladys Knight and the Pips - For superstar Gladys Knight, recording “Midnight Train to Georgia” was probably like singing poignant lines from a diary.
    Husband and wife reading the newspaper
    All I Know is What My Wife Tells Me - I get the news from my wife, who sits reading the paper across the breakfast table from me and tells me what I need to know.
    Book stacks
    A Life Among Books: Jim Bradshaw - Jim Bradshaw’s love of books began in the tiny public library of Old Hickory, Tennessee, a company town for the Dupont plant where Jim’s father worked all his life.
    Deviled eggs.
    Shelby’s Favorite Egg Recipes - The price goes up and down, but a dozen eggs are still a bargain.
    Family at holiday meal
    Create a Peaceful Holiday - Holiday vibes encourage me to over-consume scrumptious mouthfuls of memory-laced traditional foods that evoke happy, innocent, less complicated times.
    Asian couple on the beach
    Do You Need Life Insurance After You Retire? - Do I still need life insurance after I retire? I’ve been thinking about dropping my policy to escape the premiums.
    Man with heartburn
    The Hidden Danger of Untreated Heartburn - Is regular heartburn or acid reflux anything to worry about?
    New AI tool
    New AI Tool Is Helping Elders Better Manage Chronic Illness - ith the goal of revolutionizing personalized care and support for individuals with chronic metabolic conditions, CareYaya has developed an innovative AI companion called Cara.
    BoundaryCare App
    New App Allows You to Monitor Loved Ones with Dementia - When his wife, Anne Maple, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, Scott Carpenter soon discovered there were no really effective products to help caregivers monitor the safety of loved ones with dementia.
    S&H Green Stamps
    Stamps of Approval - Want an appliance? Some furniture? An elephant? At one time, all were available with enough small paper books filled with trading stamps.
    Puppy chewing on a toy
    Protecting Your Pets After You’re Gone - What is the best way to ensure my pets are taken care of after I’m gone?
    Pumpkin Patch
    Stingy Jack Carves Out His Legacy - Locals called him Jack the Smith, but behind his back he became Stingy Jack.
    Bowl of tomato soup
    Road Trips & Recipes: Monet Immersion Arts Excursion in Cincinnati - Swing into the arts scene in Cincinnati, from immersing your senses in a dazzling experience to exploring world-class art collections at the first purpose-built art museum west of the Allegheny Mountains.
    Lou Costello and Beverly Washburn
    Costello Without Abbott? - I thought this month I’d tell you a little bit about Lou Costello.
    Gloved hand holding golf ball
    It’s Almost Over for Golfers - The hardest months for golfers in the Northern Hemisphere, particularly Montana, are October and November.
    Jack Love with the first issue of MSN
    Montana Senior News Forty Years Ago - Jack Love, who developed the Montana Senior News (MSN) into an ongoing business, knows exactly the origin of his inspirations and the way he reshaped some good ideas.
    Best Dating Apps for Seniors
    Best Dating Apps for Retirees - Whether you’re interested in dating again, or just looking for a friend to spend time with, online dating sites and apps have become an easy and convenient way for older adults to meet new single people without ever having to leave home.
    DeepFakes are Deep Trouble
    The Potentially Deadly Danger of DeepFakes - But deepfakes also have a destructive side and can cause disruption and public panic.
    Saving Old Houses
    Not (Re)Tired of Saving Old Houses - Prior to this project, I had not had much admiration for Foursquare houses—I considered them architecturally uninteresting.
    Pete Thornburg
    Pete Thornburg, Long-time Montana Senior News Employee - Pete Thornburg has been delivering the Montana Senior News (MSN) throughout the Great Falls community for over twenty years—or half the time that the newspaper has been in existence.
    Grilled tomato sandwich
    The tomato is the star of the sandwich! CREDIT: TNS.
    Griddled Tomato Sandwiches - Summer’s most iconic sandwich is a perfect dish the whole family will appreciate.