April May 2023 Issue

    Articles Found in This Issue

    Photo of Deb Davis harvesting her crop at Purple Mountain Lavender farm. Purple Mountain Lavender: More Than a Calming Crop - After a long winter, Deb Davis inspects springtime growth of their 1,500 lavender plants, representing 40 varieties at Purple Mountain Lavender farm.
    Closeup photo of a senior getting a dental examination Find Coverage for Dental Care in Retirement - Most seniors are stuck paying full out-of-pocket prices every time they visit a dentist. A variety of options can help retirees find coverage for dental care
    Ferrier Earl Craig shoeing a horse. Farriers: Cobblers on Steroids - As long as humans continue to work and play with horses, there will be a demand for farriers, which is what the folks who shoe horses are called.
    Historic photo of two visitors at the original Carter County Museum Dig Dinos? Love Dark Skies? Head to the Carter County Museum. - Who knew that a tiny town could be such a treasure-trove of amazing dinosaur fossils? From astro-tourism to dinosaur digs, the Carter County Museum has it all.
    Marilyn Monroe fashion Marilyn Monroe Fashion Interlude - For a brief moment, I savored the notion that anything about me could have inhabited the same stratosphere as Marilyn Monroe.
    Golf ball rolling up a ramp into clown's mouth at a putt putt golf course. Putt Putt Memories - In May we celebrate National Miniature Golf Day. For me it revives fond putt putt memories, and I take stock in the roots of my golf addiction.
    Photo of Bob Hunt, publisher of Montana Senior News Publisher Letter: Switchbacks - A switchback can be a good metaphor for life—you struggle on the uphill climb with all its precarious turns, but eventually you hit smooth coasting headed home.
    Photo of Glenn Howard (left) and Bruce Randall (right), founders of Missoula's new plus-60 softball league Missoula’s New Slow-Pitch Plus-60 Softball Club - Bruce Randall and Glenn Howard of Missoula are creating a draft softball club for players over 60. This is the inaugural season, and anyone over 60 can sign up.
    Painting of the Eagle Store in West Yellowstone, founded by Ida and Sam Eagle Ida and Sam Eagle: Founders of West Yellowstone’s Eagle Store - When Sam and Ida Eagle married in 1907, they had a dream to build a business in an isolated part of Montana. The Eagle Store in West Yellowstone withstood the test of time.
    Photo of a bee pollinating a dandelion For the Birds and Bees  - Spring is here, with birds returning, bees buzzing, and grass re-greening. But birds and bees — all insects — are in trouble, and they need our help. 
    photo of rolled up money tied with a string with a label reading, "TAX REBATE" How to Claim Your 2022 Montana Tax Rebates - Here’s what taxpayers need to know to make sure they get their 2023 Montana tax rebate.
    Missoula Smokejumper and CIA Agent William MacDonald Missoula Smokejumper William MacDonald: Unlocking His CIA Past - Before dawn on April 17, 1961, Missoula Smokejumper William MacDonald stood outside the door of a jump plane at a clandestine CIA airbase on the coast of Nicaragua.
    Heroes and Horses: A Healing Combination for Veterans Veteran on horseback, rounding up horses Heroes and Horses: A Healing Combination for Veterans - Heroes and Horses is changing the lives of veterans through hard work, new skills, wholesome eating, mediation, reflection, and the healing power of horses.