Unlock the Mature Market

Unlock the Mature Market

Seniors can help you grow your business


Today’s seniors are healthier, more active, and wealthier than any previous generation. With most of the same needs as their younger peers, plus the unique needs arising from their age, seniors are perfect for targeted advertising!

It is easy to understand why advertisers are turning their sights away from younger consumers at a time when spending power is progressively more concentrated in the 50+ age group. Households 55-64 have more buying power per person than any other age group. Buying power has migrated from families with children to empty-nest, pre-retiree, and retired households.

For more than a third century, the Montana Senior News has successfully served our readers and our advertisers all over Montana and beyond. Montana has a proud, independent heritage and a rapidly growing older population. With the baby boom generation just entering its senior years, this trend will continue well into the future. You can seize this opportunity and take advantage of the undeniable demographic trends of the Senior Market by advertising in the Montana Senior News

Montana boasts many interesting and colorful people with stories to tell about their lives and experiences. Every issue of the Montana Senior News shares those stories as well as fond recollections told by folks from every corner of our beautiful state. With an estimated readership in excess of 70,000, the Montana Senior News is Montana’s newspaper for the mature reader of any age that wants a quality reading experience.

Regardless of where you currently advertise or how you generally target your customers, you can put on a welcoming, senior-friendly face in the Montana Senior News. With tailored editorial and advertising content, the Montana Senior News presents Montana, her people, and her places as they have never been presented before and effectively serves Montana’s 50+ niche market as no other publication does!

Some Important Characteristics of Seniors

What is the financial condition of the senior population? The average net worth of senior households is almost twice that of the total population and the average net worth for married seniors is almost three times that of the total population.

Why is the senior population exploding?

1. The baby boom generation is just entering its senior years.

2. The death rate for older people has plummeted in the last 30 years (down 29% for men between ages 65-84 since 1982). This is due to generally healthier lifestyles, better medical care, and progress against heart disease and cancer.

3. The birth rate has been in a steady decline.

4. The number of people 65+ will double by 2030.

What do seniors buy?

1. Since 80% of senior households are homeowners, they have most of the same needs as homeowners in general, plus they utilize more services such as yard and landscaping, plumbing, heating and cooling, exterior maintenance, etc.

2. With more time and disposable income, seniors are the biggest purchasers of cruises, luxury travel, and luxury automobiles.

3. Healthcare products and services! To address the inevitable aging process, seniors account for 63% more doctor visits than the general population and therefore incur 50% more out-of-pocket medical expenses.

How Do I Advertise?

The Montana Senior News is a commercial, tabloid newspaper, published six times per year, that features: articles, advertising, and information of interest to people age 50+. The Montana Senior News is published six times per year in February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Please review our rate sheet and call us to discuss your advertising opportunities in the Montana Senior News.

Unlock the Mature Market