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    Montana Senior News Issue 402

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    Dog in pinstriped suit
    The Dogfather - “You can usually tell if a man is good if he has a dog that loves him.”
    Country club.
    We’re Not All Country Club Material - Trust me, what these members pay alone in yearly dues; I could live on for a year-or two. Hey, come to think of it, I practically do!
    Representation of brain function.`
    5 Things We Learned About Alzheimer’s Disease in 2023 - 2023 was a landmark year for Alzheimer’s disease research, including advancements in treatment, risk factors and diagnosis.
    Old pine tree.
    Thoughts From an Old Pine - A lifetime ago, a young married couple carted me to a clearing in their new backyard. I was tall and strong, and it took both of them to lift me.
    New York Gridlock
    Epictetus on Fifth Avenue - The world’s longest parking lot is Fifth Avenue in New York at midday and a week ago I found myself stuck in it...
    What to Do with Cremated Ashes - There’s no shortage of options when it comes to handling or disposing of your cremated remains after you’re gone.
    Giving a cat a pill
    Take a Chill Pill - Retrieve pill from floor and cat from behind sofa. Cradle cat in left arm and repeat process.
    Distressed woman on computer.
    Report the Scam Before You Lose Money - Wealth concentration contributes to the fact that seniors are often targeted by scammers.
    Table with healthy food.
    Don’t Believe the Big FAT Liars - With a broad reaching shout, the cry of “fat is bad” has filled our collective perception of health for the greater part of the twentieth century and remains into the start of the twenty-first.
    Couple going over finances.
    Estimating Your Social Security Income - While Social Security was never intended to be the only source of retirement income, 44 percent of Montanans age 65 and older rely on the program for at least half of their income.
    Victoria’s Parliament Buildings
    The Relaxing Magic of Victoria, BC and Butchart Gardens - Hustle and bustle gets a bit trying at our advanced ages, especially with limited time to visit. A slower, more relaxed pace can still make for a memorable experience.
    Senior woman on couch looking content.
    A Tool for Caregivers: Using Mindfulness to Help Shape Our Moods - Taking care of a loved one with dementia is difficult enough without having to worry about how to keep them safe, possibly on your own without the extra help.
    Happy New Year: Kagami Biraki - I’m at the age where I usually don’t make it to midnight on New Year’s Eve.
    Holiday family meal
    Handling the Holidays with Alzheimer’s Disease - Staying sane, not to mention enjoying this special time of the year, is even more of a challenge when you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of cognitive impairment.
    Senior woman after vaccine.
    Respiratory Health Alert For Seniors—What to Know About RSV - You may remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That certainly applies to your respiratory health.
    Senior man listening to music.
    Listening to Your Favorite Song Could Help Relieve Pain - The next time you’re feeling pain, you might want to hold off on taking that aspirin.
    Holiday drinks
    Shelby’s Holiday Drink Recipes - Everyone should have some good drink recipes to use during the holidays and winter season. Here are some of my favorites.
    Plate of Chocolate Krinkle Cookies
    Shelby’s Chocolate Krinkle Cookies - These chocolaty, chewy cookies are good any time of year but especially during the holiday season.
    Robots staring at a brain map.
    AI is a Thing - In July, Vice President Kamala Harris painfully explained that AI was “first off, two letters.”
    Livingston Native Lindie Gibson
    As a Livingston Native, I Enjoy Promoting Our Local History - Lindie Gibson recounts some highlights from Montana history.
    Torchlight parade
    Torchlight Parades on New Year’s Eve - Have you ever been to a torchlight parade? It’s a “can’t miss” event for residents and visitors.