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    Inspiration - Aging Wisely
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    Aging Wisely — Words to Live by - Here’s a list for aging wisely, which has been circulating around the interwebs. We think it is relevant, and inspirational, for our senior readership. We hope you enjoy these words of wisdom.   It’s time to use the money you have saved. Spend it and enjoy it. Don’t just keep it for those who may… Read More »Aging Wisely — Words to Live by
    Montana Senior News - South Padre Island
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    South Padre Island for the Birds….and Fish…..and Fun - By HOLLY ENDERSBY — Spring in the Intermountain West is a good time to head to the South Texas Coast for great birding and challenging fishing.
    Montana Senior News — Place to Lay My Head
    Book Review: A Place to Lay My Head - By AARON PARRETT — Joe Moreland had an upbringing a lot of people who didn’t know better might consider a “tough” childhood. Most of his childhood was spent following his parents around from one shack to the next in Oregon’s Coast Range — and you can’t help but imagine the Joad family in Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath.
    Montana Senior News — Silent Killer Hypertension
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    Beware of the Silent Killer — Hypertension - By MARY ANN REUTER — Silent but deadly, hypertension can cause serious health complications like heart disease and kidney failure. Screening, early treatment, and lifestyle changes can mean the difference between life and death.
    Montana Senior News — Von Reichert
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    Paul and Christiane Von Reichert Dig Into Life - By GENEVIEVE JESSOP MARSH — Paul and Christiane von Reichert are some of the most dedicated urban farmers you’ll meet. They’ve convinced landlords to let them dig up apartment courtyards. They’ve grown veggies in community garden plots from Missoula to Kiel, Germany. They’ve traveled to friends’ yards in the Bitterroot to scratch out a little growing space. They’ve transported chickens in bicycle baskets to community gardens to fertilize in the fall (they also raised meat chickens in an apartment that didn’t allow pets). They’ve cured their onions on the porch of their third floor apartment.
    MT Railroads
    Photo courtesy "Your Opportunity in Montana"
    University Heights — A Failed Experiment - By SUZANNE WARING — Frank Lloyd Wright rarely referenced the failed University Heights Community Orchard project. He went to the area only once, drew up the plans, sent them West, and carried on with his career without ever looking back.
    Montana Senior News — Reclaiming Fire Lookouts and Dreams
    Reclaiming Fire Lookouts and Dreams - By CATE HUISMAN — Each summer for the past four years, Chuck Manning and other members of the NW Montana Forest Fire Lookouts Association have generated somewhere between 900 and 1000 hours’ worth of donated work and in-kind value to preserve local fire lookouts.
    Montana Senior News — Chrysti the Wordsmith
    Photo courtesy Chrysti the Wordsmith
    Chrysti the Wordsmith: Greetings, Fellow Verbivores! - By AARON PARRETT — When you hear Chrysti the Wordsmith's signature greeting on MTPR or Yellowstone public radio, you know you’re in for an etymological treat.
    Montana Senior News — Evalyn Batten Johnson
    Photo by Suzanne Waring
    Evalyn Batten Johnson — Immersed in History - By SUZANNE WARING — Embracing her love for Virginia City since her childhood, Evalyn Batten Johnson continues her investigation of the town’s history.
    Montana Senior News — Calm in Venanda
    Photo by Mark Hufstetler
    Calm in Venanda - By SUZANNE WARING Throughout the country, urban sprawl gobbles up smaller communities. Highways are jammed with cars. Construction of new highway lanes to ease traffic congestion adds to confusion.  Housing developments devour farm land. Even in Montana, most of the population live in larger towns and usually shop, work, and have fun by staying within… Read More »Calm in Venanda
    Idaho Senior Independent — Casino Wisdom
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    Casino Wisdom: Little Life Truths I Learned from Gamblers - By AARON PARRETT — Most nuggets of casino wisdom came from folks older than I. A few have gone on to their heavenly reward, which I hope is the ultimate jackpot.
    Montana Senior News - Montana Pride
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    Montana Pride - By AARON PARRETT — June is Montana Pride Month. LGBTQ Seniors Realize Progress, but Still A Ways to Go.
    Montana Senior News - Wild About Wildflowers
    Photo courtesy Sharron Akers and Sharon Huff
    Wild About Wildflowers - By DIANNA TROYER — Photographing wildflowers offered countless unforgettable moments for 83-year old friends, Sharron Larter Akers and Sharon Phillips Huff.