Golf Addict New Year

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By Don Walter

The spring is like the beginning of the New Year for golf addicts! “Happy New Year” we’ll say to fellow addicts when we see them. In years past the grapevine was an awesome thing to behold. No one had a clue when the golf courses around the area would open. Every year it seems a different course opens first. Back in the day before cell phones and all of this new technology you had to count on your buddy Ted. Ted is a golf addict just like you but has an uncanny knack of having his ear to the ground when it comes to golf info. Somehow he’s the first to know that X course is planning on opening with a shotgun next Saturday, or Y course will be open Friday to walkers only… how did he do it? Where did he gather the knowledge? Ted was a legend.

Now the internet and social media have rendered Ted obsolete! No more waiting for Ted, the golf course whisperer, or spend your Tuesday afternoon calling your local pro shop 20 times until you get through only to get an answer like “Check back Thursday for updates..”. Any golf course can post their intentions of opening and it spreads like wild fire! It’s very convenient! But I miss the old rituals tremendously, and well, poor Ted is trying to remain relevant to his golf buddies.

When our courses do finally open, here come the golfers. They rain down on golf courses, like a Summer Seattle monsoon. Bust through that clubhouse door and you’ll run into all your old friends from last year that you haven’t seen in months. The ritual of catching up can be some serious business. Most show up to hit some range balls or head out with their foursome, but honestly the best part is catching up with other addicts. Most of the time I’ve noticed it can require several adult beverages, and many more minutes than you probably budgeted with your significant other! “Sit down.. What have you been doing all winter?” “Good to see you” the salutations can last a whole afternoon.

First and foremost is golf. Courses are opening and every dream I’ve had all winter long has come to roost. Spring is here! Time to play golf! Time to make good on all the new year promises! Here’s to more rounds, more practice, more good times with friends and family, more drives, more putts, more golf! MSN

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