Summer Golf

Golf course

By Don Walter

If there is ever a time when a golf addict is at his or her best, or maybe worst, it’s during summer months! All the golf courses are open and waiting for us. Our friends are pushing us to play, or vice versa, and it creates a frenzy that lasts into the Fall. The lawn can wait to be mowed, the deck will have to be stained another weekend. There is golf to be played!

A true golf addict thinks about very little other than golf, especially during summer. They’re watching Youtube golf instruction during free moments, checking their email for on-line “this weekend only” deals on new golf equipment, and sneaking out to local sporting goods stores to stock up on gloves, balls, tees, etc. We’re in several text threads at once, each suggesting tee time group invitations.

Some golf addicts will even include golf apparel as part of their addiction. Look at current golf fashion and you’ll see everything from plain ol’ solid colors to extreme flower prints, geometric patterns, flashy, flashy, flashy. I know several people that buy the most outlandish shirts, pants, and shorts they can find just to out due their playing partners. Creative companies like Bad Birdies, USAG (u suck at golf), and Bogey Boys, to name a few, provide the apparel to keep golf hackers and addicts in style on the links.

This time of year, close to Father’s Day, is also a big time for golf addicts with children. I think golf is a top three on the list of gifts/hobbies for dear ol’ dad! As a father of two, and a golf addict, I have been blessed with two kids that at one point in their lives loved golf. Neither is an addict yet, but I have hope. We have spent a couple of Father’s Days playing golf together and it was very special. One thing about golf addicts, we love to share our addiction for golf with anyone in range, especially our family. Whether it’s a family vacation that magically includes golf, or change in weekend plans, the more you can include the kids the easier the explanation of why you have to play.

The creativity in excuses for needing to tee it up are equal no matter what the age. Golf addicts everywhere have mastered the golf excuses. Like I mentioned, including kids is an easy one, charity functions are another good one, even passing off the health benefits has seen some success. For golf addicts, golf in the summer is imperative.

So here’s to summer. Thanks for making all the golf courses green. Thanks for the warmth on our shoulders. Here’s to long days of golf. Golf addicts, it’s our time to shine. Let’s tee ‘em high and let ‘em fly. MSN

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Golf course

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If there is ever a time when a golf addict is at his or her best, or maybe worst, it’s during summer months!

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