August September 2022 Issue

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    Photo of Bob Hunt, publisher of Montana Senior News
    Publisher Letter: Time to Embrace Technological Advancements - Tech designers have engineered solutions with aging in mind, making it easy to embrace technological advancements at any age.
    Artwork from the cover of the book "Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark)
    Book Review: Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark  - "Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark (Third Edition): is a wonderful guidebook for the modern traveler and U.S. history buff.
    photo of kelly creek
    © Joseph Parker Photography, Shutterstock
    Calling All Trout Bums! Head to Kelly Creek. - Backcountry trout bums love Kelly Creek, an icy cold stream sparkling through a big chunk of east-central Idaho, beginning near the Montana border.
    Photo of Montana adventurer/explorer Jon Turk kayaking through the icy waters around Ellesmer Island, close to the North Pole
    Photo courtesy Jon Turk
    Hair-Raising Adventures with Jon Turk - Jon Turk earned a PhD in chemistry, but that wasn’t the life he wanted. He longed to explore the globe and so secured sponsors to fund his extreme adventures. 
    Photo of a road destroyed by flooding of the Yellowstone River
    Wild Yellowstone River Goes Wilder - On June 13, the already-wild Yellowstone River reminded us it can’t be tamed. Businesses and residents have wondered how the rest of the summer would unfold.
    Photo of clutter to prepare for downsizing to a smaller home
    © Brebca,
    Downsizing an Act of Love - How does one go about downsizing from a three-bedroom house to a tiny, shared one-bedroom home? It’s emotionally wrenching, and sometimes you need a referee.