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    race magic when getting back into racing
    50PlusWire/© Mezzotint,
    Race Magic - How could I have run 10-minute miles? My friend told me it was race magic — the reflexive transformation of a runner into a competitor on race day.
    Title page from the Great Falls, MT Sanborn Maps
    Sanborn Maps Put Montana on the Map - Historical Sanborn Maps provided fire insurance companies with information on fire hazards in areas associated with individual properties.
    Mag's fruit salad
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    Mag’s Fruit Salad - Fruit salad is a big hit with young and old and excellent for parties and picnics. You can use whatever fruit you enjoy.
    Barbara Schiffman
    Barbara Schiffman - Barbara Schiffman jumped into the Flathead writing community, eager to share her experience in Hollywood as a script consultant and creative producer.  
    fall golf
    © Mikdam,
    Fall Golf - Fall golf can be spectacular. With all the anticipation of the arrival of golf season, right now we’ve reached the peak and are heading down the other side.
    Illustration of interwoven cables, representing discounted high-speed internet
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    Find Discounted High-Speed Internet Services - Two resources can help you find discounted internet services, but what’s available to you will depend on your income level and where you live.
    disability placard
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    Getting a Disability Placard is Easy  - Don’t make it hard! If you need a disability placard, talk to your doctor. Chances are their office is equipped to fill out the proper form. No fees required!
    Lona Pond (center) with Missoula Smokejumpers Tyler Keith (left) and Rick Olivares (right)
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    Raising Awareness for Wildland Firefighters - Former Hotshot Lona Pond is working to raise awareness for wildland firefighters — to get them better healthcare and better pay for grueling and dangerous work.
    photo of a red electric trike
    E-Trikes for Fun, Fitness, and Safety - Electric powered adult tricycles—e-trikes—are great for older adults with balance or stamina issues. They’re safe, fun to ride and easy on an aging body. 
    vintage photo of a boy smiling
    Photo courtesy David Dance
    A Law with Teeth - People complain about laws with no teeth—sentences aren’t tough enough, fines are too light, enforcement is weak. But one Idaho Ordinance definitely had teeth. 
    Needling umpires is part of the game
    50PlusWire / © Sportoakimirka,
    Needling Umpires Just Part of the Game - The constant conflict between players and umpires is baseball’s version of The Hundred Years’ War. It isn’t the longest-running battle—it just seems that way.
    great falls tribune files
    Great Falls Tribune Files Saved for Public Use - Two Great Falls residents have saved important historical records collected over the course of 135 years in the Great Falls Tribune reporters’ library. 
    Photo of Bob Hunt, publisher of Montana Senior News
    Publisher Letter: Time to Embrace Technological Advancements - Tech designers have engineered solutions with aging in mind, making it easy to embrace technological advancements at any age.
    Artwork from the cover of the book "Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark)
    Book Review: Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark  - "Along the Trail with Lewis and Clark (Third Edition): is a wonderful guidebook for the modern traveler and U.S. history buff."
    photo of kelly creek
    © Joseph Parker Photography, Shutterstock
    Calling All Trout Bums! Head to Kelly Creek. - Backcountry trout bums love Kelly Creek, an icy cold stream sparkling through a big chunk of east-central Idaho, beginning near the Montana border.
    Photo of Montana adventurer/explorer Jon Turk kayaking through the icy waters around Ellesmer Island, close to the North Pole
    Photo courtesy Jon Turk
    Hair-Raising Adventures with Jon Turk - Jon Turk earned a PhD in chemistry, but that wasn’t the life he wanted. He longed to explore the globe and so secured sponsors to fund his extreme adventures. 
    Photo of a road destroyed by flooding of the Yellowstone River
    Wild Yellowstone River Goes Wilder - On June 13, the already-wild Yellowstone River reminded us it can’t be tamed. Businesses and residents have wondered how the rest of the summer would unfold.
    Photo of clutter to prepare for downsizing to a smaller home
    © Brebca,
    Downsizing an Act of Love - How does one go about downsizing from a three-bedroom house to a tiny, shared one-bedroom home? It’s emotionally wrenching, and sometimes you need a referee.