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fall golf


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Fall golf can be spectacular. Most years by now I expect my game to be on point. I’ve played dozens of rounds this summer, some good some bad, but always an adventure. With all the anticipation of the arrival of golf season, right now we’ve reached the peak and are heading down the other side.

Courses are still packed with golf enthusiasts. You’ll find lessons on the practice range and kids gathering to spend the last days of vacation out on the course hanging with friends. I’ve tried my best to squeeze in as much as I can.

I’ve also spent the twilight hours in my backyard with every late-night TV golf gadget available. With it being light until late, my backyard transforms into a driving range, complete with orange whiffle golf balls, aiming sticks, a tri-pod, my smart phone for video, and, of course, several “training devices.” 

Several times my family has wandered out into the backyard, wondering what exactly I am doing and how long I’m going to be out there. Some nights the sun will set, and I’ll still be out in the yard muttering to myself. 

I like to call it “geeking out” over golf. Either alone or with a fellow addict, sometimes a golf professional or two, we take on certain aspects of the swing. Breaking it down to the smallest minutia can make us feel like we know what we’re doing. 

These “geek out” sessions keep my addiction fed. I’m in control of golf vs. golf controlling me. Personal accounts on social media provide plenty of fuel for discussion and consideration. Many pros and golf schools post quick clips of concepts and drills they find to help their students become better players. For an addict, it’s a treasure chest of information.

As the days get shorter, so does the time for “geeking out” over golf. In return we get golf courses with fewer golfers, beautiful fall colors, and crisp mornings. The kids are back in school, and most of the tourists have headed home. Sometimes during the week, after a busy summer, it feels like you have your own private golf course. 

Although we’re not close to the end of the golf season yet, we have more behind us than in front, and it shows. I look forward to next season. I look forward to every season of golf. I am a golf addict! MSN


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