August September 2021 Issue

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closeup of Elvis Presley singing into a microphone
Elvis Presley and Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley made eight attempts to get things right with “Suspicious Minds,” the future classic that would change his latter-day career. 
Bicep Curls to Support Independence and Resilience!
Illustration courtesy Kay Van Norman, Brilliant Aging.
Bicep Curls to Support Independence and Resilience! - Build up your functional reserves of strength, mobility, and endurance with a simple activity — bicep curls.
Photo illustration of a road sign with an exclamation point and text reading, "Funeral Costs" against a blue sky.
© Sam2172,
Prepaying Your Funeral May Not Be the Best Move - While prepaying your funeral may seem like a convenient way to go, from a financial point of view, better options are available.
Illustration of a close-cropped Sean Connery and 007 text
Dr. No: Danger, Dames, Double-O-Seven - Dr. No had signature elements for later Bond movies: distinctive music, high action; alluring women; and vodka martinis—shaken, not stirred.
photo of senior using a walker, presumable after a biking injury
Life Lesson from a Bike Accident - It's all about perspective. Instead of mourning the losses from my bike accident, I reflected on all the thrills I’ve had right up to age 73.
Book Review: Home Waters, by John Maclean
Book Review: Home Waters by John Maclean - John Maclean’s latest book, Home Waters, reverently examines the way the river and its environs have threaded through his life and career.
Photo of senior woman standing over her mother, helping her with paperwork.
© Pikselstock,
Choosing Adult Day Care Services Providers - Adult day care services can be great options for caregivers who work, or for those who just need a break during the day.
Photo of walking a dog from the perspective of the dog walker.
© Bihlmayer_Fotografie,
A Mission for Dog Walks: Let the Pooch Decide - From now on, on my dog walks, my dog and I will follow our neighborhood’s Yellow Brick Road. He can set the pace.
Illustration abstractly representing online memorials
Create an Online Memorial for a Departed Loved One - Websites for online memorials make it easier than ever to create thoughtful, personalized profiles celebrating someone’s life.
Closeup view of cornhole bags resting on a cornhole board
The Hole Truth about Cornhole - “The neighborhood is having a get-together, a chance to meet new people.” / “Okay, I’m in.” / “It’s a cornhole contest.” / “Okay, I’m out.”
Vintage photo of Russian Family of the book East of the East Side
Book Review East of the East Side, by Christy Leskovar - East of the East Side by Christy Leskovar is the true story of her Slovenian ancestors’ search for a better life; a journey that took them from the rural areas of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the “Wild West” towns of early Montana.
Bearded senior man with straw hat blows on a dandelion
© photosvit,
Personality Traits May Be Linked to Pre-Dementia Risk - A study by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society show the importance of considering personality when assessing for dementia risk.
Image of carrots next to a glass of carrot juice
© Yuliannaja,
Natural Remedies for Healthy Gallbladder Support - Here are some natural remedies that can provide healthy gallbladder support. Ask your doctor what’s right for you.
illustration of a button for medical alert systems on a blue background
© Vector V,
Choose a Medical Alert System - Medical alert systems are effective and affordable tools for keeping one safe and living at home longer. Choosing one can be challenging.
Senior woman swimming the backstroke in the Montana Senior Olympics
Let the Games Begin: 2021 Montana Senior Olympic - Anyone attending the 2021 Montana Senior Olympics will meet hundreds of lively, active folks who share the camaraderie of sports.
Senior Games: Running Cold, Running Hard, Running Old 
Senior Games: Running Cold, Running Hard, Running Old  - To participate in the National Senior Games, you must qualify at a state Senior Games. At 75, this writer was getting started running old.
Former Olympian Monica Tranel Rowing on a Lake
Former Olympian Monica Tranel Powers Up Campaign - Not many Montanans can say they've competed in the Olympics, but Monica Tranel, candidate for our state’s new congressional seat, has—twice.
Photo of a walk-in tub
© Rony Zmiri,
Considerations for Choosing a Walk-in Bathtub  - A walk-in bathtub is a good option for mobility challenged seniors—it's easy to get in and out of and helps prevent slips, trips, and falls.
Illustration of a senior woman in a wheelchair talking to a female therapist on a cellphone screen
© BestVector,
Teletherapy Services: Find an Online Therapist  - Thinking about an online therapist? Most therapists, psychologists, and other mental health providers offer online teletherapy services. 
Toastmasters International logo
Toastmasters: A Challenge with Benefits - Even in retirement, communication and leadership are important qualities to have. Toastmasters promotes public speaking & leadership skills.
Senior activist conceptual photo of a hand holding a bullhorn pointed at a sign that reads "SOCIAL SECURITY" on a blue background.
© 9dream studio,
Celebrating August Senior Activism - August celebrates the Social Security Act, as well as the influential senior activist who created The Gray Panthers organization—Maggie Kuhn.
Photo of Bob Hunt, publisher of Montana Senior News, as a child, wearing a party hat.
Letter from the Publisher: Take that Walk - Interesting how a song triggers a memory. Then the memories around that song, that time, all come rushing to your presence.
Photo of a white stucco Craftsman house
Photo courtesy Teemu008,
Craftsman—The Mail-Order Home - Sears sold more than 70 thousand Craftsman mail-order homes between 1908 and 1940. An estimated 70 percent still stand today. 
Closeup photo of a driver aiming at a golf ball resting on a tee.
© Artikom2027,
Addicted to Golf: Man, It’s Hot Out! - There’s an old country song that says “too hot to golf...too cold at home!” I relish each opportunity to golf—some days it’s pretty darn hot. 
Illustration of grandparents standing with grandchild, getting ready to travel.
© Khapaev-Vladimir,
Coming of Age: The Intermittent Grandparent - He's coming of age. I should have known it was coming. What teen wants to spend time with his grandparents, separated from his peers?
World champion disc golfer Jon Graff, 73, of Missoula, Mont.
It’s High Flying in the Golden Years: Prime Time for Disc Golf - It's never too late to really get flying! World champ in disc golf, Jon Graff, 73, of Missoula was just getting started in his golden years.
Tanya Cameron Dives Deep into Russian Nobility Roots
Tanya Cameron Dives Deep into Russian Nobility Roots - Tanya Cameron of Great Falls learned Russian for her 35-year project—Russia in War and Revolution: The Memoirs of Fyodor Sergeyevich Olferieff
recipe ahi tuna steak
© Victority,
Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks & Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus - Here’s an island-inspired dish packed with flavor: Seared ahi tuna steaks on colorful slaw with bacon-wrapped asparagus.
Cherry Picking Memories
Cherry Picking Memories - The best cherry-picking memories: Author Craig Thomas Naylor recalls his mother's homemade cherry pie baked in the small, propane-fired oven.
Woman leading an historical walking tour inBillings, Mont.
Photo courtesy the Western Heritage Center.
Walking Tours: In Step with Montana and Idaho History - What do brothels, Billings, and bok choy have in common? Find out for yourself on one of the poplar historic walking tours in Montana.
Laina Therrien's traditional weaving techniques
Laina Therrien Using Old Technology to Weave New Forms - “My idea of advanced technology is using all the treadles on my loom,” says Laina Therrien of her Terry, Mont., farmstead.