October November 2022 Issue

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    photo of a senior woman on the floor with a black dog she is pet sitting.
    © lucigerma, Bigstock.com.
    Pet Sitting: The Right Gig for Seniors? - Eleanor, 72, has a gig pet sitting. She no longer has her own pets, but she loves taking care of others' animals. Her next job takes her to Maui for two weeks.
    photo of a black cat and a fan on a white background
    Trying to Pet the Fan? Consider Cataract Surgery. - Despite my trepidation, I knew it was time to talk cataract surgery when I mistook my fan for a cat.
    historic photo of two people from the 20s leaning against the front bumper of a car
    A 1923 Cross-Country Road Trip - Any cross-country road trip in 1923 was an adventure. Starting from Montana—where there were few gravel roads much less paved roads—was a real undertaking. 
    closeup photo of a woman's neck
    Pain In the Neck - An endocrinologist took five biopsies of my thyroid. Test results showed a 50-50 possibility of that pain in the neck becoming cancerous.
    Photo of apple trees before putting the orchard to bed
    Putting the Orchard to Bed - It's time for putting the orchard to bed. It doesn’t whine and tussle like my grandkids, but my 60-some trees still need the equivalent of a bedtime story.
    Photo of a woman in a river fishing on horseback
    Laws with Flaws: Scales of Justice — What’s the Catch Fishing on Horseback? - A March, 1919 Idaho state law has flaws that jump out at you like a trout thrashing for dear life against an angler fishing on horseback.
    Book Review: Eyes in the Sky by Debbie Burke
    Book Review Eyes in the Sky - Eyes in the Sky is a doozy of a thriller. Or, if you prefer, a ripsnorter, humdinger, jim-dandy, knockout. Well, you get the idea; it is terrific book. 
    aging policy watch: Retirement Savings
    US House and Senate Negotiating Security for Retirement Savings - The U.S. House and Senate appear poised to agree on legislation supporters say would provide more security for retirement savings of American workers.
    start a walking program to improve health
    Start a Walking Program and Stay Motivated - Walking may be the single best exercise for improving health as you age. It burns calories, builds endurance, enhances muscle tone, and is easy on your joints.
    2022 NAMPA awards three years in a row
    Three Years Running: Montana Senior News BEST IN SHOW at 2022 NAMPA Awards - We like to win! Montana Senior News received the 2022 North American Mature Publishers Association BEST IN SHOW award for the third year in a row.
    winter golf around the corner
    Winter Is Coming: Keep Smiling! - I’m going to journal all the golfing fun I had golfing this summer. I’ll log all the people and the great golfers I met while playing tournaments.
    It's going to be lonely hunting without horses.Hunters with a pack of horses
    Smells Like Rain: It’s Going to Be Lonely - This year, for the first time since I was young, I don’t have a horse to take me deep into wilderness areas, and that makes me profoundly lonely for all the horses and mules that have enriched my life.
    Photo of a Billings Met Transit electric bus
    Billings MET Transit Awarded $3.8 Million for Electric Buses - The Billings Metropolitan Transit System won $3,880,316 in competitive grant funds. The money will go toward purchasing four electric buses. 
    Marijuana starts under a grow light
    Growing Marijuana A Seedy Business - Now that you’re ready to grow your own marijuana, and you’re about to buy your first packet of seeds, you first need to ask yourself whether you’re a baker or a cook.
    Luthier and owner of Ghost Town Guitars, Phil Maynard
    Renaissance Man Phil Maynard - There are renaissance men, and there are renaissance men, but the Leonardo da Vinci of Montana, Phil Maynard, lives in the little ghost town of Rimini. 
    Callie Russell
    Celebrating the Rural Women of Montana - International Day of Rural Women is October 15. We're celebrating the commitment, determination, and strength of the rural women of Montana. 
    Sandhill crane
    World Migratory Bird Day Spotlights Need for Bird Protection - World Migratory Bird Day, observed October 8 this year, highlights the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats.
    Harvest Sausage Soup
    Harvest Sausage Soup - This harvest sausage soup is a satisfying meal on a cold evening. It’s easy to make and fun to experiment with.
    Homemade Apple Jam
    Joriah’s Jam — Thanks Mom! - Joriah visited to help pick, peel, and process the free apples from our trees. She returned home with gifts for her family—a dozen jars of “Joriah’s Jam.”