Book Review Eyes in the Sky

Book Review: Eyes in the Sky by Debbie Burke


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Tawny Lindholm Thriller Book 3 by Debbie Burke (Media Management, LLC, 2020) 


Eyes in the Sky—author Debbie Burke’s third book in her Tawny Lindholm series—is a doozy of a thriller. Or, if you prefer, a ripsnorter, humdinger, jim-dandy, knockout.

Well, you get the idea; it is terrific book. 

The action kicks off immediately and never slows down as we follow Tawny—“tall, slender, about 50; braided hair … like a bright copper penny”—and her boss/boyfriend, top attorney Tillman Rosenbaum—6′ 7″ tall, with an angular face and a “James Earl Jones voice”—as they face down mysterious and frightening attacks on people Tillman loves. 

A suspicious accident, unexpected gunshots, an attempted kidnapping, and a possible murder: Who is behind these attacks, and what is his—or her—motive? And will Tawny and Tillman figure out how to stop the enemy in time to save Tillman’s loved ones? It’s a twisty plot, with plenty of surprises.

As she did in her previous Lindholm books, Burke weaves Montana’s rugged beauty into the storyline. Her knack for describing the unique scenery begins in the first paragraph, with a drone-handler standing on a “wind-swept bluff overlooking the bleak Montana prairie.” She ends the book in a famous national park, at a spot where “water cascaded over the chalky terraced rock, engulfing them both in sulfury steam mixed with fog.”

Tawny, Burke’s main character, is capable, loyal, and courageous. She’s a strong woman who is street-smart, but not book-smart. Tillman Rosenbaum hired her to be his assistant after his lawyerly skills saved her from prison, but now they are more than boss and employee. 

Tawny isn’t sure it’s a good idea to be in an after-hours relationship with this complicated man, but she finds him hard to resist. 

Some of the characters in Eyes in the Sky struggle with emotional and mental health issues, teenage angst, jealousy and envy, and the legacy of unfortunate or downright awful childhoods. Of course there are good guys, but there are also bad people who are either obviously evil or skillfully hiding their wicked intentions. Burke handles them all with dexterity and flair. 

The only problem I had with Eyes in the Sky is that, because I couldn’t stop reading it, I just might have neglected a few chores and work projects in order to finish the book. So, I advise you to carve out a period of time when you won’t be interrupted, pick up Debbie Burke’s Eyes in the Sky, and settle in for a rip-roaring, thrilling good time. 

Debbie Burke is also the author of Instrument of the Devil and Stalking Midas, Books 1 and 2 in the Tawny Lindholm Thriller series. MSN

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