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    Healing Power of Pie
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    The Healing Power of Pie - Remembering Grandma making pies for folks who were ailing or going through a hard time. She baked every pie out of love or compassion.
    ‘Tis the Season for Senior Safety
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    ‘Tis the Season for Senior Safety - By RANDAL C. HILL Whether you are getting up in years or are taking care of someone who already is, here are some holiday hints to ensure that the Christmas season is a happy and a safe one for all concerned. Decorating Did you know that one in four Americans over 65 suffers a fall… Read More »‘Tis the Season for Senior Safety
    Medicare Part D Four Ways Medicare Part D is Changing in 2020 - Have Medicare and looking for ways to save in 2020? Consider adding a prescription plan known as “Medicare Part D.”
    2019 NAMPA awards 2019 NAMPA Awards — MSN Getting Better All the Time - We hate to brag, but our publications just keeping getting better. We've got 14 2019 NAMPA awards to prove it!
    John Thomsen Octogenarian Musician
    Octogenarian Musician Releases First CD - Sometimes, the most wonderful recordings are unrehearsed, spontaneous, and improvised. That’s the case with John Thomsen's new release.
    Holiday Roast Roast a Holiday Meal to Remember - This year for the holidays, you can make a cranberry roast your guests will won't forget. It's elegant, yet so easy to prepare.
    The Billings Cereset Center Billings Cereset Center Balancing the Brain - Cereset technology helps people with symptoms of PTSD — irritability, lack of concentration, and difficulty in following through on tasks.
    Butte Symphony Celebrating 70 Years Butte Symphony Orchestra Celebrates 70 Years - The Butte Symphony Orchestra, the first and oldest in the state, is putting on its “glad rags” this year to celebrate offering Butte and southwest Montana communities 70 years of classical music. The celebration will include four concerts held at the Mother Lode Theater throughout the concert season.
    festival hannukah The Festival of Hannukah 2019 - This year, Hanukkah—the ancient Jewish festival celebrated worldwide—begins at sunset on December 22 and ends at nightfall on December 30.
    nativities Nativities on Display in Great Falls - By SUZANNE WARING Many American families launch the Christmas season by bringing out their nativities. Carol Olthoff of Great Falls joins them in this significant act of love for the meaning of Christmas, but instead of one nativity scene, she brings out 1,200 scenes for hundreds of visitors to see. “It’s my passion to share… Read More »Nativities on Display in Great Falls
    Kwanzaa Heriza Kwanzaa (Happy Kwanzaa)! - Kwanzaa is a seven-day, African-American and pan-African holiday celebrating family, community, and culture.
    Bag of apples Alone in the Kitchen with a Bag of Apples - I knew we had a plethora of apples around our farm, so I made apple bread...the whole family devoured a loaf in minutes!
    Home Fires Burning Keeping the Home Fires Burning - Chopping wood warms you twice. You work up a sweat cutting and splitting firewood, and then get the pleasure of heat from it in a woodstove.
    Communists of Sheridan County The Communists of Sheridan County - Many Montanans would be surprised to learn the Communist Party held most of the elected positions in Sheridan county during the 1920s.
    Norma Ashby Smith Norma Ashby Smith Awarded We Stand Tall Award - By SUZANNE WARING Norma Ashby Smith has been part of what is good about Great Falls and Montana for the last 58 years. She has given her talents and creativity to projects and events, time and time again. For her contributions, determination to mentor young people, and inspiration she has been to all, the Great… Read More »Norma Ashby Smith Awarded We Stand Tall Award
    Willamette Engine 7 Missoula’s Restoration of Willamette Engine 7 - The country's oldest Willamette locomotive has the only example of a Radley Hunter Stack, considered the crown jewel of spark arresters.
    Book Working the Wilderness Book Review — Working the Wilderness - By HOLLY ENDERSBY Idaho and Montana have millions of acres of wilderness protecting wildlife and water. They allow folks to wander at will through the vast expanse of some of the most beautiful land on Earth. But it wasn’t always this way. Prior to the 1964 Wilderness Act, a fierce, dedicated cadre of people worked… Read More »Book Review — Working the Wilderness
    Helena's Clock Museum
    Barnes Jewlery — Helena’s Clock Museum - From the outside, Barnes Jewelry looks like an ordinary jewelry store. But Helena's clock museum is the ultimate in curiosity shops.
    Pat Callis Ice Climber Pat Callis — Nowhere to Go but Up - People look up to Patrik “Pat” Callis for many reasons, not the least of which is his 50-plus years pursuing ice climbing.
    Mr. and Mrs. Claus Mr. and Mrs. Claus Giving Year-Round in Helena - The Felters not only volunteer as Mr. and Mrs. Claus at Christmas, they donate year-round to their favorite local nonprofits.
    It's Time for Winter Owling It’s Time for Winter Owling! - When the long, dark nights of winter arrive, it is the perfect time for kids and their grandparents to go owling.