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Flamin’ Up the Grill

DeSoto Grill

Mandy Johnson, line cook at DeSoto Grill, located in the charming town of Kalispell, is an expert at work, preparing a mouthwatering smoked pork belly platter. This savory dish tantalizes the senses, the irresistible aromas permeating the air. The culinary skills of Mandy are on full display as she cooks each piece to perfection, ensuring every bite is bursting with flavor. Diners can indulge in this savory delight while sitting at the counter, enjoying the show as Mandy works her magic. To complement this delectable meal, patrons may choose to pair it with such side dishes as Hotlinks, Mac and Cheese, or coleslaw. It is important to note that if you have not yet had the opportunity to dine at DeSoto Grill, then you are unquestionably missing out on a local treasure, highly regarded by the community in Kalispell.

Watch the video, filmed by Robert Hunt, to see for yourself.

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