Hi Yo Silver: Working on The Lone Ranger

Hi Yo Silver, The Lone Ranger

By Beverly Washburn

The year was 1955. I received a call from my agent to go on an audition for the feature film The Lone Ranger.

I was, of course, thrilled.

As with most kids, I was enthralled with The Lone Ranger. I was so happy when I got the call the next day advising that I had been cast as the little girl who gets kidnapped and saved by—yes, you guessed it, The Lone Ranger.

We filmed part of it at the Warner Bros. studio; but most of it was filmed on location in Kanab, Utah. It was a wonderful experience and a memory of mine that I will cherish forever.

By now, most of you probably know that I am a huge animal lover. What is so ironic is that the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is actually located in Kanab – the very place we filmed The Lone Ranger!
Here’s an amusing fact. Did you know that Clayton Moore was not allowed to be photographed without wearing his Lone Ranger mask?
One weekend, we were all laying out by the pool at the local hotel where we were staying. A fan recognized Moore and asked him to pose for a photo with her. He quickly got up from his chaise lounge, put on his mask and happily posed with her.

It was such a funny sight to witness. There he was, wearing his swimming trunks while wearing the Lone Ranger Mask!

I remember one day when we were filming, Moore jumped on his horse “Silver” and rode away. Now, the funny part was that when he jumped on his horse, his pants split open and his bare butt was hanging out!

As a joke, the director let the cameras continue to roll as Clayton had no idea about his pants. The director thought it would be funny to later show that scene as one of the “out-takes.” The running joke on the set: “The Lone Ranger was mooning everyone as he was riding off into the sunset.”

When they finally told him what happened, he took it in stride and was a very good
sport about it. Being so young, I was a little embarrassed, but couldn’t keep from laughing.
There was a short time when Clayton Moore was replaced by John Hart. Though John Hart had many fans, for the most part, people seemed to always consider Moore as the “Real” Lone Ranger.

It was also said that “Silver” and Tonto’s horse “Scout” didn’t like each other and if they were together in the same scene, they would actually nip at each other. And you thought only actors were jealous of each other!
Clayton Moore has the only Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame that also includes his character name on it. He died in December 1999 at age 85.
My fond memories of working with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels who played Tonto will forever make me smile. They were both wonderful and kind gentlemen.

Until next time, remember… People may forget what we did, or what we said, but they will never forget how we made them feel. MSN

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