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    Guardianship abuse
    Guardians from Hell Undermine Rights of Elderlies: Part 1 (Extended Story) - Part 1: In this guardianship abuse saga, state ward Virginia Wahab was prohibited from seeing beloved daughter, her ward of choice.
    Online Event Calendar Information /// Montana Antiques Appraisal Fair - September 22, 2018 9am–2 pm Montana Agricultural Center, 1205 20th Street, Fort Benton, MT 59442 The Montana History Foundation and Fort Benton Museums invite you to the 2nd annual Montana Antiques Appraisal Fair in Fort Benton, Saturday, September 22, from 9 am to 2 pm. It’s time to go digging through your attic for that… Read More »Online Event Calendar Information /// Montana Antiques Appraisal Fair
    2018 Conference on Aging—Helena, MT
    Aging Conference in Helena - While it’s not exactly an exploding demographic, the number of people who live to be a hundred is trending upward, and the “Governor’s Centenarian Banquet” is one of the features of the 50th Annual Governor’s Conference on Aging being held September 25-27, this year (2018) at the Radisson Colonial Hotel in Helena.
    Paradise Found
    Paradise Found - Where Art, History, and Community Thrive. Paradise Montana is nestled in the rugged, mountainous northwest part of the state. It was once the home of a large Northern Pacific Railroad roundhouse, a tie plant, and an elementary school for the children of the railroad employees.
    Helena artist Dale Livezey
    The Big Sky According to Dale Livezey - If you’re planning to visit the Queen City of the Rockies in August, be sure to stop by the Holter Museum (12 East Lawrence Street in Helena) and immerse yourself in the experience of Livezey’s magnificent artwork, exhibiting now in a show titled, “Big Sky: Paintings by Dale Livezey,” running through August 16th in the Baucus Gallery.
    Targhee Music Festival in Wyoming
    Wyoming Mountains Come Alive with Music - Music of top Americana and bluegrass bands will echo in the mountains near Alta, Wyoming in August during concerts at Grand Targhee Ski Resort. The 31st Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival is slated for Aug. 10 to 12.
    Photo by Bernice Karnop
    Head North of the Border to Nelson, British Columbia - The West Kootenays, just north of the Idaho border in British Columbia, provide an enticing playground for visitors. The mountains, lakes, and rivers are the backdrop to outdoor recreation that draws skiers, hikers, paddlers, and mountain bikers. It also draws those who simply want to enjoy a beautiful drive through stunning mountain scenery, coniferous forests, gorgeous wildflowers, and a number of Provincial Parks.
    Zumwalt Prairie Preserve
    Saving America’s Grasslands: Zumwalt Prairie Preserve - Tucked away in northeast Oregon near Enterprise, the Preserve isn’t off a freeway. You don’t come here by accident. People come to the Preserve because of the rich wildlife, the immense landscape and the solitude. Almost twenty years ago, The Nature Conservancy purchased 33,000 acres of the larger 330,000 acre Zumwalt Prairie, the largest remaining grassland habitat of its type in North America. And few people know about it today.
    Ruby's walk for Alzheimer's
    Ruby’s Story - Alzheimer's Association supports families throughout their journey.
    Music Review: The Ballad of Minnie and Pearl
    Music Review: The Ballad of Minnie and Pearl - Bruce Anfinson puts the “treasure” in The Treasure State. Since the 1970s, he has been entertaining people all over the world with his stories and songs of Montana, delivered in his homespun country style.
    Historic, Wild, and Remote—The Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument - At 495,502 acres, the area has room to roam both for visitors and the animals calling this special area home. Managed by the BLM, “The Breaks,” as locals call it, is a paradise for hikers, hunters, equestrians, anglers, and boaters, with badlands sprouting out-croppings, steep bluffs, grassy plains, and, of course, the mighty Missouri River and its tributaries.
    Missoula's Garden City Harvest for Seniors on Limited Income
    Missoula Mobile Market Feeds Friendships with Local Produce - Garden City Harvest’s Youth Program Connects Teens with Seniors Living on Limited Incomes
    Steve Keller Montana DJ and music entertainer
    The Golden Voice of the Rockies - Steve Keller of Great Falls loves his dual life as radio DJ and music entertainer. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve just always known I wanted to be an entertainer."
    The Iron Nun
    The Iron Nun - One doesn’t normally think of a Catholic nun in terms of running marathons and Ironman competitions. Sister Madonna Buder is not only an exemption to those thoughts but may well be the best at her age to ever compete in the Ironman. Now at 88, she still travels around the country to compete in triathlons; thus the reason for her nickname.
    LIF-My name is Michelle and I think I am your daughter
    My Name is Michelle, and I Think I’m Your Daughter - “When I saw the name on the return address, I thought the letter was from an old summer-camp friend that I’d lost touch with. But as soon as I began reading, I realized it wasn’t from her ... It was two pages long and included a photo of a pretty woman with her husband and two children. She also looked enough like her birth father to leave no doubt as to who she was.”
    Pacifico Reflections: Bull's Eyes
    Bull’s Eyes - For years his prowess with a rifle was unchallenged. He never shot anything but a bull’s eye. In fact, some folks said, he was so good he could light a stick match with a single shot from his .22 at a hundred yard. A fellow once said he could even do it blindfolded. No one had ever seen him do it, but everyone believed he could just the same. 
    Montana Heritage Orchards
    Montana Heritage Orchards - “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” has been good advice for well over a hundred years. This little bit of wisdom has been lost on Montanans from pioneer days to the present time basically because locally grown fruit has been seemingly non-existent, especially to the central and eastern part of the state. Brent Sarchet, Montana State University Extension Agent of Lewis and Clark County, and Toby Day, Montana State University Extension Horticulture Specialist, have set out to change that.
    Five tips for safer senior living
    Five Tips for Safer Senior Living - It’s no surprise that falls are more common among the elderly. However, senior falls due to unfit living environments are unnecessary and avoidable.
    Montana Cowboy Poetry
    The 33rd Annual Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Western Music Rendezvous in Lewistown - As fully packed as the tourism calendar may be this summer, it would be difficult find an event that captures the essence of the second longest-running cowboy poetry gathering in the country (August 16-19, 2018).
    MT Drive-Ins
    Cinema by Starlight—Montana’s Drive-In Movie Theaters - I remember going to the Sunset Drive-In as a child in Helena, Mont., with my parents, who would fold down the back seats of our station wagon and have sleeping bags and pillows laid out for us. My dad would clean the windshield with Windex and newspapers before we left the house. Even though my mom would bring a picnic basket full of snacks, we’d still walk down to the concession stand to get popcorn in a paper bucket the size of a milk pail, the salty kernels swimming in butter.
    Late Summer Wines
    Late Summer Wines - August and September are filled with scrumptious, ripe vegetables from the garden, the smells of jam made from home-grown fruit, and lazy evenings grilling outside with friends and family.
    Golfing on the Brain
    Golfing On the Brain - Playing a round of golf on any one of the many outstanding courses in Montana benefits the brain and body just as much as any of the other outdoor activities. Walking and swinging a club increases blood flow, improving nerve cell connections in your brain, which in turn improves strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination. You burn around 1000 calories per round, a little less if you are using a cart, a little more if you are walking. Also, focusing on that little white ball both near and far improves vision by working the eye muscles.
    Cracker Crust Pizza
    Homemade Cracker Crust Pizza - Pizza is often a disappointedly bready affair where the delicious promise of sauce and toppings gets drowned in a doughy sea of blandness. But have you ever had a thin, crispy, cracker crust pizza before? Now that’s a thing of beauty.
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    Open A Montana Medical Savings Account Before Dec. 31 for 2018 Tax Savings - Have you had any medical expenses so far this year that haven’t been covered by your health insurance policy or a flexible spending account (FSA)? If you establish an MSA and deposit up to $3,500, (the maximum in 2018), that amount is used to reduce your 2018 Montana adjusted gross income, thus reducing your state taxes.
    Empowereed Technophobe
    Even A Technophobe Can Feel Empowered - Many of my friends Tweet and Instagram and can’t wait to download the latest app, but I’m content to continue emailing and limp along with my current operating system until communication with the outside world becomes no longer possible. That said, I can’t help but boast of the few times when I’ve Googled for—and discovered—advice on fixing household problems.
    Not one for little dogs? Shop dog Billy Buddy will change that.
    Not One for Little Dogs? Shop Dog Billy Buddy Will Change That - Winning Hearts from the Big Apple to the Garden City.
    Shari Jenkins Schmit Finds Her Niche - Living in Great Falls, Mont., this Montana artist is known throughout the nation for the Leanin’ Tree cards she designs.
    UM Observatory Hosts Summer Stargazing Nights
    UM Observatory to Host Summer Stargazing Nights - Community members are invited to explore planets, nebulas, star clusters and distant galaxies throughout the summer during stargazing nights at the University of Montana’s Blue Mountain Observatory.