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    Seniors Regain Mobility, Quality of Life with Portable Oxygen Concentrators
    Seniors Regain Mobility, Quality of Life with Portable Oxygen Concentrators - Small, lightweight portable oxygen concentrators the size of a hardcover novel are increasingly replacing large, bulky oxygen tanks. For the over 2.5 million people who require supplemental oxygen, being tethered to a large, heavy oxygen tank can be life altering. Seniors, in particular, can become increasingly homebound due to the extra effort, planning, and even… Read More »Seniors Regain Mobility, Quality of Life with Portable Oxygen Concentrators
    help dementia patients move
    Six Tips for Helping a Loved One with Dementia Move to a New Home - Helping an elderly loved one move to a new home can be hard in itself, but helping a loved one with dementia move can be an emotionally straining experience.
    Teton County Idaho
    Visit Teton County, Idaho for Year-Round Fun - Looking for year-round activities in one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world? Then head for Teton County, Idaho, an area blessed with breath-taking scenery and lots to do and see.
    Cliff Warren
    Clifford Warren Masters the Art and Science of Growing Giant Pumpkins - For entertainment, Cliff Warren eavesdropped on fairgoers as they admired, gaped, and grinned at his 692-pound, blue ribbon pumpkin during the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot in September.
    Montana Winners of the AARP Community Challenge
    Montana Winners of AARP Community Challenge - AARP recently announced the recipients of its 2018 AARP Community Challenge grant program, including three recipients right here in Montana.
    Five Tips to Get Better Sleep
    Senior Health: 5 Ways to Get Better Sleep - Like many things in life, the manner in which we sleep alters considerably as we age. The deep, enjoyable sleep that leads you to be totally unaware of the outside world and its sounds, is known as “slow wave sleep.”
    Montana License Plates
    vanity plates, A.B. Guthrie,
    History of Montana License Plates - Montanans enjoy looking at vehicle license plates, often determining the owner’s home county. Frequently a license plate tells a story that the owner wants the public to know. The history of Montana license plates gives an interesting picture of our state history.
    Wheeling the White Rim Trail
    Wheeling on the White Rim Trail - Grab an opportunity this upcoming year to experience the endless remoteness of Canyonlands National Park via a scenic overlook or wheeling on the White Rim Trail.
    Lobby of the historical Calvert Hotel in Lewistown
    The Historical Calvert Hotel in Lewistown - Tucked off of Main Street and within walking distance of downtown, The Calvert Hotel in Lewistown, Mont., has proved an anchor of hospitality. What was once a dormitory for early 1900’s high school students now hosts a luxury boutique hotel with reflections of the past.
    Guardianship abuse
    Guardians from Hell Undermine Rights of Elderlies: Part 2 (Extended Story) - Part 2: Probate Courts Employ an Exponentially Growing Network of Professional, For-Profit Guardians.
    Exercise Trainer Beth Munsterteiger
    Beth Munsterteiger Trains Seniors in Exercise Techniques - Physical activity and the right type of exercise will make all the difference to your life now and in the years to come.
    CMRussell National Wildlife Refuge
    Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge - At 1.1 million acres, the Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge represents one of the largest refuges open to the public for hunting, hiking, camping, wildlife observation, and fishing in the U.S.
    WANDA HAYNES, Senior Wire
    The Naked Truth — Not A Bad Dream - A man wearing a suit and a bad toupee soon entered the room, and asked me the question that I never thought I’d have to answer. “Why are you naked in my mall?” He heard the naked truth.
    Wines for Fall
    Fall Wines - In recognition of International Merlot Day on November 19, do yourself a favor and enjoy an Indian Wells 2015 Merlot produced by Chateau Ste. Michelle of Paterson, Wash.
    Open Enrollment
    ‘Tis the Season to be … Prudent: Medicare Open Enrollment Oct. 15-Dec. 7 - It's time to start thinking about Medicare open enrollment for 2019. Now is your opportunity to use Medicare’s Plan Finder to find a program that best meets your needs.
    yes on i-185: Mike Batista, Directory of Advocacy and Outreach AARP Montana: Vote "YES" on I-185
    Help Seniors, Veterans with Continued Health Care: YES on I-185 - Help ensure nearly 100,000 Montanans, including our seniors and veterans, have continued health care — vote yes on I-185.
    Smith Logging: A Step Ahead of the Woods - Even a few acres, when forested, need management to prevent infestations and fires. But an acre is a lot of land when you’re trying to maintain it, let alone 10, 20, 40 acres.
    Book Review: Aldo by Dr. Betty Jean Craige - Like mysteries and interested in ethical problems posed by billionaires wanting to control public university research? Read Betty Jean Craige’s Aldo.
    A Few Pointers On Experian’s Dark Web Scan - Experian is listed as a source to scan and see if the Dark Web does have information on you with the free triple scan.
    No on i-185: Dave Lewis: Vote "NO" on I-185
    Taxpayers on the Hook to Pay: Vote NO on I-185 - The corporations bankrolling I-185 want you to believe that only tobacco corporations will pay if their initiative passes. That’s simply not true. It will create a huge, new permanent appropriation in the state budget without providing enough revenue to pay for it. Vote NO on i-185.
    Al Wiseman
    Al Wiseman — Keeping the Memory of the Old North Trail Alive - Spending time with Al Wiseman along the Old North Trail is a history lesson unlike any other.
    Book Review: Dragon Teeth
    Book Review: Dragon Teeth by Michael Chriton - Dragon Teeth has Michael’s voice, his love of history, research, and science, all dynamically woven into an epic tale.
    Fall is Bat Season in Montana
    © Ian Redding, Bigstock.com
    Fall — Montana’s Batty Time of Year - Fall is a time of year when bat observations are common in Montana. This time of year young bats are attempting to take care of themselves, some bats are beginning long migrations to warmer climates, and some bats are grounded by disease or illness.
    Baby boomers have redefined each stage of their lives, so it’s no surprise that today they are redefining retirement. No longer seen as a time to simply play shuffleboard, bridge, or bingo, today’s boomers are viewing retirement as a new phase to pursue passions like starting a business, moving near grandchildren, or seeing the world.
    RV Travel Provides Complete Flexibility for Today’s Boomers - Baby boomers have redefined each stage of their lives, so it’s no surprise that today they are redefining retirement. No longer seen as a time to simply play shuffleboard, bridge, or bingo, today’s boomers are viewing retirement as a new phase to pursue passions like starting a business, moving near grandchildren, or seeing the world.
    Lady Long Rider Bernice Ende
    Lady Long Rider: Alone Across the Globe - Thirteen years ago, at age 50, Trego, Mont., ballet teacher and horse trainer Bernice Ende began her life as a long rider. That year she rode 2,000 miles on horseback from Montana to New Mexico. In the following 12 years, she rode another 27,000 miles on horseback.
    Tell Us Something
    Every Story is Important: Tell Us Something - These storytelling events build community in no more complicated a way than bringing together people telling stories with other people listening to them. The results of that simple effort can be remarkable.
    Five Tips for First-Time Snowbirds
    Five Tips for First-Time Snowbirds - We did plenty of things right for first-timers. But we also did plenty wrong. No matter, we acquired useful lessons along the way that other potential snowbirds might benefit from. For anyone pondering a southern migration for the first time, these five tips may prove helpful.
    Montana Veterans Memorial in Great Falls
    A Fitting Tribute to Those Who’ve Served: The Montana Veterans Memorial in Great Falls - The Montana Veterans Memorial overlooking the Missouri River at the north end of Great Falls stands as a stately shrine of honor for all who have served our country in the Armed Services. It’s a beautifully landscaped presence in a city with a long connection to military service, and it’s Montana’s largest veterans’ memorial.
    Kathryn Braund: Actor, Dog Trainer, Author
    Kathryn Braund: Actor, Dog Trainer, Author - People living for 97 years have time for several careers. Kathryn Braund, who has reached that milestone, has had three solid careers and several minor ones, and she is still focused and busy as a writer.