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Book Review: The Prepper’s Medical Handbook
Book Review: The Prepper’s Medical Handbook - Review by HOLLY ENDERSBY If the Coronavirus pandemic and wildfires throughout the West have taught us anything, it is to be prepared to take care of ourselves as emergency and medical personnel are stretched to the breaking point. To that end, Dr. William Forgey’s book on medical preparedness, The Prepper’s Medical Handbook, belongs in everyone’s… Read More »Book Review: The Prepper’s Medical Handbook
Photo of Annette Funiccello and Frankie Avalon with Dick Tracy
Photo courtesy Wikkicommons
Frankie and Annette Hit the Beach - By RANDALL C. HILL Imagine a world where every day is a beach party. Nobody is inconvenienced by school, parents, or illness. Where life involves no work schedules, no church services, no money problems. Where nobody riots for civil rights, wreaks inner-city destruction, protests an unjust war, embraces illegal drugs, or murders prominent leaders. Welcome… Read More »Frankie and Annette Hit the Beach
Photo of woman in a swimming pool, wearing a swim cap
Photo courtesy of Seniorwire.net
Swim for Life, Love, Happiness, and Health - Swimming is good for your heart, muscles, physical endurance, and circulation, reducing inflammation and staving off chronic conditions.
Photo of senior woman doing a skin cleanse, holding up cucumber slices to her eyes
© Sofiiashunkina, Bigstock.com
Skin Health: Take Care of Your Wrapping - What we eat affects our wrapping—our skin. Carrots, apricots, and other yellow and orange fruits and veggies are good for skin health.
Photo of yellowfin tuna pasta salad with arugula pesto and dates served in a blue bowl.
Photo courtesy Family Features
Add Mediterranean Flair to Your Dinner Table - (Family Features) During the past year, many people have missed the opportunity to travel and experience the sights, sounds and tastes of the world, but it’s easy to explore other cultures and cuisines by experimenting in the kitchen.  If you’re looking to transport your taste buds to the shores of Spain or the beaches of… Read More »Add Mediterranean Flair to Your Dinner Table
Photo of senior man with beard leaning over and writing on a piece of paper
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How to Create an Ethical Will - By JIM MILLER (SAVYY SENIOR) An ethical will—also referred to as a legacy letter—can be a valuable complement to a legal will, as well as a wonderful gift to family or other loved ones.  Ethical Wills Unlike a last will and testament, which tells your loved ones (and the legal world) what you want them… Read More »How to Create an Ethical Will
closely cropped photo of an orange tabby cat riding on a robotic vacuum cleaner
© Sharomka, Bigstock.com.
Is it Rumba or Zumba? No, it’s Roomba! - Rumba to the front. Zumba to the left. Or Roomba around the living room. When we want to vacuum, we will most definitely decide on Roomba.
Illustration of small home with a larger home for a shadow
© Pixelbliss, Bigstock.com
Downsize Your Home for a Move - By JIM MILLER (SAVVY SENIOR) The process of weeding through a house full of stuff and parting with old possessions is difficult and overwhelming for most people. A good place to start is to see if your kids, grandkids or other family members would like any of your unused possessions. Whatever they don’t want, here… Read More »Downsize Your Home for a Move
Photo of cell phone featuring a call from an unknown caller
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Avoid Cyber Scams During (and After) the Pandemic - By DUSTIN SETTLE In the spirit of never letting a good crisis go to waste, cybercriminals are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to steal vital information and gain access to your money and credit.  COVID-19-related measures have Americans spending more time than ever online, working, attending school, or shopping. This captive audience is tempting to fraudsters,… Read More »Avoid Cyber Scams During (and After) the Pandemic
Photo of Kat and L.J. Martin
Kat and L. J. Martin Telling Stories from Montana - By SUZANNE WARING Right after one of his novels hit the market, L. J. Martin received an email from a reader. A character in the novel had lit up a specific brand of cigar. In the email, the reader, who was apparently a stickler for facts, pointed out that the story took place in 1871,… Read More »Kat and L. J. Martin Telling Stories from Montana
photograph of money sacks balanced on a plank balanced on a ball, with a house on the other end of the plank
Should Seniors Consider a Reverse Mortgage Now? - Cash-strapped retirees may want to consider a reverse mortgage, but there’s a lot to consider to be sure it’s a good option.
I'm not gonna lie—Golf is Hard!
© BCFC, Bigstock.com
I’m not gonna lie—Golf is Hard! - Summer is here, a time of long evenings filled with golf. Some days have enough light for a day of work and a day of golf all tied into one.
Photo of man in a hat blowing a dandelion, metaphorically representing memories during alzheimer's
© Photosvit, Bigstock.com
Same Old Stories: Dad & Memories During Alzheimers - By JOHN COLEMAN (SENIOR WIRE) When I read the other day that television’s absentminded Lieutenant Columbo died in 2011, I scratched my head. Somehow I missed the news, but a list of notables who died of Alzheimer’s brought me up to speed. Rita Hayworth, Jimmy Stewart, Pat Summit and Perry Como share Peter Falk’s fate… Read More »Same Old Stories: Dad & Memories During Alzheimers
Photo of the exterior of the Tipi Burner at the Sculpture In the Wild exhibit in Lincoln, Mont.
Photo by Erick Heidle, Montana Arts Council
Sculpture in the Wild Wins Montana Arts Council Award - By AARON PARRETT One of Montana’s most interesting museums has no walls, no ceiling, and no entrance fee. Located just outside the charming town of Lincoln, Mont., Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild is home to a collection of immense sculptures created by artists from all over the world. As the nonprofit’s mission statement explains,… Read More »Sculpture in the Wild Wins Montana Arts Council Award
Will Your Next Car Be Electric?
Will Your Next Car Be Electric? - By SUZANNE WARING Jacob German was the first person to receive a speeding ticket while driving an automobile. In 1899, going at the breakneck speed of 12 mph down a Manhattan street in New York City in an electric vehicle, German drew the attention of onlookers. Electric vehicles (EVs) were popular in the early 1900s… Read More »Will Your Next Car Be Electric?
Photo of a hand holding a pen, writing Dear Dad. A Letter for Father’s Day: “Dear Dad” - Dear Dad: The world is a hot mess, and these kids are the brightest spots we have. So thanks for giving them a shot at making things better. 
Juneteenth is Freedom Day
Juneteenth is Freedom Day - Juneteenth—sometimes called Freedom Day or Jubilee Day—celebrates an important historical event in the lives of enslaved people.
Arial view of Kathmandu, last stop on an overland journey from London to Kathmandu
Bucket List: Overland from London to Kathmandu - I didn’t know it, but the trip I was about to embark upon would change my life—a 2-1/2-month overland journey from London to Kathmandu.
Photo of a young Bob Hunt, Publisher of Montana Senior News
Letter from the Publisher: Stay Off the Roof - Finding out lately that getting on ladders is not for our audience or me. My best advice for you this summer is to stay off the roof.
Puppy Love: When the World is New Again
Puppy Love: When the World is New Again - By HOLLY ENDERSBY “We’ve looked over your application,” the woman said on the phone, “and wondered if you’d consider getting a puppy. We have four that need homes.” Holy cow. That is not the call I expected! When we submitted an application to McPaws, the dog and cat rescue organization in McCall, Idaho, we’d envisioned… Read More »Puppy Love: When the World is New Again
photo of the work of a venerable recycler: old red boots and pail repurposed as planters
©WilliamAndSons, Bigstock.com
The Plaint of a Venerable Recycler - By Gladys Considine I learned to be a recycler, saving at my mother’s knee: String from the grocery box became crochet thread. Flour and sugar sacks with tiny flowers were blouses. Lard buckets were water pails for the chickens, and lunch boxes. Tuna cans and walnut shells became Christmas decorations. “I think I’ll just pick… Read More »The Plaint of a Venerable Recycler
photo of senior man launching racing pigeons
Headed Home: Racing Pigeons Find a Place in Handlers’ Hearts - As if to say, “Pick me, pick me,” racing pigeons coo and flutter around their loft while handlers select birds for an upcoming race.