June July 2021 Issue

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Photo of a young Bob Hunt, Publisher of Montana Senior News
Letter from the Publisher: Stay Off the Roof - Finding out lately that getting on ladders is not for our audience or me. My best advice for you this summer is to stay off the roof.
Puppy Love: When the World is New Again
Puppy Love: When the World is New Again - By HOLLY ENDERSBY “We’ve looked over your application,” the woman said on the phone, “and wondered if you’d consider getting a puppy. We have four that need homes.” Holy cow. That is not the call I expected! When we submitted an application to McPaws, the dog and cat rescue organization in McCall, Idaho, we’d envisioned… Read More »Puppy Love: When the World is New Again
photo of the work of a venerable recycler: old red boots and pail repurposed as planters
©WilliamAndSons, Bigstock.com
The Plaint of a Venerable Recycler - By Gladys Considine I learned to be a recycler, saving at my mother’s knee: String from the grocery box became crochet thread. Flour and sugar sacks with tiny flowers were blouses. Lard buckets were water pails for the chickens, and lunch boxes. Tuna cans and walnut shells became Christmas decorations. “I think I’ll just pick… Read More »The Plaint of a Venerable Recycler
Will Your Next Car Be Electric?
Will Your Next Car Be Electric? - By SUZANNE WARING Jacob German was the first person to receive a speeding ticket while driving an automobile. In 1899, going at the breakneck speed of 12 mph down a Manhattan street in New York City in an electric vehicle, German drew the attention of onlookers. Electric vehicles (EVs) were popular in the early 1900s… Read More »Will Your Next Car Be Electric?
photo of senior man launching racing pigeons
Headed Home: Racing Pigeons Find a Place in Handlers’ Hearts - As if to say, “Pick me, pick me,” racing pigeons coo and flutter around their loft while handlers select birds for an upcoming race.