June July 2022 Issue

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    black "medicare" text on blue background revealed from a tear in white paper.
    Medicare Covers Alzheimer’s Disease - Here’s a breakdown of what Medicare does and doesn’t cover when it comes to Alzheimer’s disease, along with some tips that can help you plan ahead.
    Photo of a Meals on Wheels volunteer delivering a meal to a senior woman.
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    On the Road with Meals on Wheels - The national Meals on Wheels program has grown over the past 50 years. Montana's program delivered 847 thousand meals to about 8,000 at-home seniors in 2019.
    Painting of a Native American woman looking back while riding a white horse. Artist: Amy Livzey-Brakeman
    Western Artists Bringing the West to Life - Many artists have been celebrated for their vivid depictions of the landscapes and history of the West. Here are a few Western artists from Montana and Idaho.
    Two men standing in the Snake River in Idaho, holding a 10-foot White Sturgeon
    Photo courtesy Idaho Fish & Game
    White Sturgeon: Monsters of the Snake - White Sturgeon this size are the stuff angler dreams are made of. Check the regs, get out there, and try your hand at catching one of the monsters of the Snake.
    Photo of fashionista Iris Apfel
    Fashion forward: 100-Year-Old Iris Apfel Intersects Textiles, Fashion, History - Metropolitan Museum of Art called Iris Apfel one of America’s quintessential stylemakers when it showcased her costume jewelry and clothing collection.
    Mel Bartholemew teaching seniors Square Foot Gardening — a method for growing more in less space.
    Photo courtesy of the Square Foot Gardening Foundation
    Upgrade Your Garden Mojo with Square Foot Gardening - Mel Bartholomew came up with Square Foot Gardening in 1975, to make gardening more accessible, efficient, and successful for every level of grower. 
    Photo of Gil Mangles, founder of the Miracle of America Museum
    Miracle of America Museum Packed with 340,000 Treasures - If ever the phrase “something for everyone” were truly apropos, it would belong to the Miracle of America Museum in Polson.
    Photo of Bob Hunt, publisher of Montana Senior News
    Publisher Letter: Fix It Yourself with YouTube - Choose to revitalize things yourself. You will feel the pride of accomplishment upon completion, and you’ll save money and, perhaps, a 13-mile tow into town.
    Close-up photo of a senior's hand holding a fork and twirling spaghetti from a pasta bowl.
    © Blaz Kure, Bigstock.com
    Kidnapping Grandad: Sometimes It’s OK to Lie - I knew my stubborn Grandfather better than anyone, so I made a bold initial move and opted for the white lie — I had a strong sense that it would work.
    Illustration for an obituary pirate
    Beware of Obituary Pirates - SCAM ALERT: Pirates sail the internet seas, looting and plundering treasure from a surprising source: obituaries.