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It’s tax season again. And there’s a new tax credit in Montana that could bring you a refund—even if you owe no taxes and don’t have to file a return.

Thousands of Montanans are eligible for the Montana Earned Income Tax Credit. Like the federal version, it’s refundable, meaning you may qualify for the credit even if you have no tax burden at all or don’t have to file.

The new credit is simple. For most people of Montana, if you qualify for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit, the Montana version is worth 3 percent of that.

It’s aimed particularly at low- and middle-income working people, especially workers with dependents. To qualify, you must be at least 25, under 65, and your investment income (such as interest, dividends, rent, and capital gains) must be less than $3,600.

The amount of the credit depends on your income and your number of dependents. If you are single with no dependents, you must have a federal adjusted gross income no greater than $15,570 to qualify. But if you have three or more dependents, and are married (and filing jointly), that income can be as high as $55,952.

A popular credit for Montanans 62 and over is back.

The Elderly Homeowner/Renter Tax Credit is worth up to $1,000. It’s also refundable, meaning you can receive the credit even if you owe no tax at all.

To qualify, you need to have resided in Montana at least nine months in 2019, and the total income of your household—not just yourself—must be $45,000 or lower.

Claiming the credit is easy as part of your paper or electronic Montana income tax return. If you don’t file a return at all, you can claim the credit online at That’s the fastest and most secure way of claiming the credit, but if you prefer to file on paper, you need to fill out just a portion of Form 2, the main state income tax form.

At the Department of Revenue, they hope you’ll seek these credits if you qualify, and spread the word to your loved ones. And, applying for these credits is easy. For more information, visit, or call the Montana Department of Revenue at (406) 444-6900. MSN




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