Medicare Phone Scam—Calls to Update Your Medicare Information

Medicare Phone Scam Graphic


SCAM ALERT: If you are on Medicare, be aware of a reported Medicare phone scam, where callers claim to be Medicare calling to update information over the phone, according to Missoula Aging Services.

Callers ask if a person has received their new Medicare card and then ask for the number and dates of enrollment from your card. Scammers may reference real details about the cards.

For instance, one person was asked if their card was “blue on the top, white in the middle, and red on the bottom.”

Medicare does not call people to update or upgrade their Medicare information. If somebody calls you to tell you that, they’re lying. It’s another Medicare scam.

This scam is active in Montana, and several people have given away their Medicare numbers already.

Please be on alert—calls have been reported in multiple counties.

If you receive this call, hang up and call Montana Senior Medicare Patrol, or SMP, at (800)-551-3191.

Medicare will never call people on Medicare to ask for or check their Medicare number. MSN

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