Was your property damaged by the Yellowstone flood? Complete this Survey

Photo of National Park employee housing getting swept downstream in the 2022 Yellowstone flood.


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BILLINGS – Montana Disaster and Emergency Services is documenting private property damage from flooding that occurred during the week of June 13, 2022.
They are asking anyone with property that received damage to fill out a survey.
Information collected in the survey will be used by state and federal agencies as they assess the damage. 
Currently, Yellowstone County and all jurisdictions within are not part of the Federal Emergency Declaration. However, residents with property damage should still fill out the survey as it will be useful if Yellowstone County becomes eligible for assistance. 
A FEMA Assessment Team for Public Assistance arrived in Billings on Friday, June 24, to tour Yellowstone County and determine if the county should be included in the federal declaration.
If it’s determined Yellowstone County is eligible, FEMA could offer assistance for individuals, households, and small businesses. 

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