Leg Extensions Support Independence and Resilience

Leg Extensions
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(PROJECT ACTIVATE®) Daily activities, such as walking, rising from a chair, getting into and out bed, the tub, or a car, require leg strength. If you feel fatigued after completing some of these basic functional tasks, it’s time to intervene with leg extensions as leg strength is key to remaining independent!

Improve lower body strength with simple leg exercises.

This seated Leg Extension exercise can be done while watching TV, talking on the phone, or whenever you’re seated and have room to extend your leg forward! It strengthens the quadriceps muscles in the front of the thigh which can help promote better balance and – like the elevator exercise also helps with daily functional activities.

Strengthening your leg muscles isn’t about fitness! It’s about keeping your options open so you can more easily participate in life — taking a walk with family and friends, climbing stairs, getting into and out of cars, and feel confident in your balance.

*Follow physician advice on exercise

Leg Extensions

Exercise Instructions:

Leg Extension: Sit with your back straight against the chair back and feet flat on the floor. Extend your left leg and hold for 8 counts while breathing normally. Return foot to floor. Repeat 4-8 times with left leg. Repeat the full sequence with right leg.  To increase difficulty use ankle weights as shown in the diagram, however, do not add weight to any painful movement! MSN

*Note: Extend knee only through pain-free range of motion – breath normally

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