Addicted to Golf: Man, It’s Hot Out!

Closeup photo of a driver aiming at a golf ball resting on a tee.


What a summer! So hot! For a golf addict like myself, the heat creates some serious conundrums. 

There’s an old country song that says “too hot to golf… too cold at home!” I relish each of my opportunities to golf, and some days it’s pretty darn hot. 

I still make it out most days when I’m scheduled to play with friends because, frankly, there’s nothing I would rather be doing. If the golf course is open, I’m going. 

It’s the ol’ golf game that suffers when the temperature rises. Warm weather makes the golf ball fly farther and loosens up the joints. Both of those are good things, but what suffers is the practice time we miss out on. 

It can be way too hot to focus for even 15 minutes on the driving range, or chip golf balls around the green. Even putting on the practice green doesn’t seem that fun or relaxing when the heat is beating down on you. What sounds good is to sit under an umbrella at the golf course with a cold drink.  

I have been introduced to many a different hot weather cure under said umbrellas. Vodka lemonade, gin and tonics, a Paloma, even a cold Bud Light can really help beat the heat. 

Pairing that drink with the company of other golf addicts makes for a decent afternoon. Sitting next to the actual golf course as well can feed some of an addiction for golf.  

However, this time of year is also tournament season. Club championships are coming, fun scrambles, match plays, etc. Having a little practice and knowing your game is in tip top shape can certainly make these events more enjoyable. If you find yourself in this situation, well, there’s not a lot of advice one golf addict can pass along to another. 

We all have to find what works, and, truly, most golfers are not that interested in tournament golf. That’s ok. 

Golf addiction comes in all shapes and sizes. If it’s important enough, you’ll find a way to get ready. Practice in the morning before work or engagements, slip off at night after dinner when the temperature starts to drop. Embrace the heat, or have a cold drink and know that your game is what it is and just have fun playing golf in the summer. 

It’s high time for us golf addicts. Time to shine, time to wear our selves out searching for birdies, big birdies, pars, and pure adventure on the golf course. Happy Summer Golf Addicts! MSN

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