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After Indoor Golf, It’s Time to Play Outside!

Closeup of a golf driver ready to hit a teed-up golf ball
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It’s finally here! The 2022 golf season has officially arrived! Sure we’re still faced with possible snow showers some days, and sunburn the next but hey, it’s time to play golf again! The winter was filled with staring out the window at snow, shoveling said snow, and lots of snow related activities, but now there is not a snow bank in sight! Just grass, some brown, some green. But right now it’s all beautiful to a golf addict like me.

Oh I’ve enjoyed the winter indoor golf league this winter too. Every Monday night trudging into the local sporting goods store where they installed the golf bays. Man oh man do I get some crazy looks packing golf clubs into one door while snowshoes and skis go out the other! It might be close to zero outside but it’s a comfortable 70 degrees in the golf simulators. If you’re wondering how many of us addicts actually take part in indoor golf, well it’s a lot. Those simulators are packed sun up to sun down seven days a week January through March.

After a dozen weeks or so of whacky indoor golf my heart is filled with anticipation. It’s time to get outside. Maybe this will be the year the magic happens, and I will be the golfer I’ve always dreamed about. I’ve prepped with long arduous hours in the gym, I’ve spent quality time in the indoor simulator, and I have daydreamed my way through many a cold spell.

We have lived at our address for about twenty years, the town has built up around us. There was a time before when I could slip out onto the back porch any time of year and hit 8-irons to the right of my shed, over the neighbors back yard, and they would disappear into a field, to be recovered later while walking the dog. It required a semi perfect shot, a quick breath hold, a nervous second of time, and a pause to see if anyone noticed it fly by. Now that same field is paved and filled with parked cars! I’ll admit it’s crossed my mind a couple times when the uncontrollable shakes rare up after some PGA TOUR event on TV. “It’s Sunday, isn’t the parking lot empty?” My wife even caught me last month contemplating how many yards in distance it would be to fire a couple Titleists over my other neighbors house and into his yard. “They’re in Florida, they’ll never know.” “Until you break a window” she reminded me. It never happened, but I was awfully close one sunny afternoon after watching the Pebble Beach tournament!

Golf has grip on me. I imagine it always will. I’ll never be able to hide the nervous laughter that comes from driving past a new golf course in another town or state. “Just a quick stop, let’s check it out…” I’ll say. We always do, Thanks honey! Golf is such an amazing sport and one you can play your whole life. Here it comes around again, here comes another golf season. Hello Spring! Hello Golf! MSN

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