Golf Addict on Your List? Gift Ideas for Golfers

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By Don Walter

Every year about this time, my nickname changes from “Addicted to Golf Guy”to“Hardest Person in the World to Shop for Guy.” It never fails: my family seems to struggle with what to get this hopelessly addicted golfer for Christmas.

Many years ago I became a pretty good gift buyer. It came from a boss and mentor I had. He was the ultimate gift giver. He was in sales his whole life and early on became a very successful listener. He would give me gifts, big and small, that were incredibly perfect. I asked him how he did it, and he said it came from listening to people talk about their likes and dislikes, their turn ons and turn offs. 

Whether it was fishing, knitting, cooking, or golf, he seemed to get it right every time. So I have tried to take a page out of his book. I listen, I study, and then I think. Usually I can come up with some pretty clever gifts.

Here are my ideas on how to treat your addicted golfer to a really nice Christmas. 

It really comes down to three things: things we need to golf, things we need for golf, and things to make golfing more fun.

Gifts We Need to Golf

Things we need to golf are tees, golf balls, golf clubs, and green fees. Budgets and how well we’ve behaved off the course can determine the actual gift(s). 

Tees are a great filler for any package. You can buy them by the tens, hundreds, or thousands. As for golf balls, the type to get can be tricky to decide on. Make sure you know the person’s favorite type. 

If you’re after the home run and want to get golf clubs, a gift card is always a good choice.

When it comes to green fees, I think this is one of the best gifts you could give. Get your favorite golfer a round of golf at a local golf course. Better yet, get them two rounds, so they can take a friend (maybe that would be you). Include a golf cart rental if you want to take it to the next level.

Gifts We Need For Golf

Things we need for golf can make for an easy and fun collection of gifts. From towels, to lessons from a local pro, polos, hats, flasks, or even cold weather gear or rain gear, we love it all. Golf shoes are becoming more casual, so it’s a little easier to pick out a comfortably stylish pair. A ball cap from their favorite local course is always a winner.

Gifts To Make Golfing More Fun

Technology has certainly made a lot of new items that addicted golfers would love to have. How about some tunes? Yes, we listen to music on the course, and it’s actually encouraged at a reasonable level. Bluetooth speakers come in every shape and size, including some specifically meant to hang off a golf bag. Any kind of outdoor lithium battery powered speaker is a home run. 

GPS devices are tons of fun, too. From watches to handhelds, GPS devices that tell golfers how far to the nearest sand trap or green or halfway house can come in real handy. 

Newer items include driving range devices that give golfers feedback about their golf swing. They can record video of their swing and work on improving. For those of us who get to watch snow fall all winter, a serious variety of putting mats, hitting nets, and indoor golfing accessories are available. Some companies have even designed video games, like golf simulators, to keep us busy and entertained all winter long.

“Do we need it to golf? Do we need it for golf? Will it make golf more fun?” Practice this simple mantra when you’re at the golf course or sporting goods store, and your gift-giving troubles will be over. 

Merry Christmas from a seriously addicted golfer. If you’re addicted like me, I hope you have sweet dreams of warmer days on the course, playing golf with friends and family. If you have an addicted golfer in your life, all the best in treating their addiction with a bounty of gifts under the tree! MSN

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