Celebrate Sausage Month with Montana-Made Sausages

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By Kathleen Mulroy

October is Sausage Month! You can celebrate by chowing down on some bangers with a local flair.

Bugoni’s Sausages

Based in Missoula, Bugoni’s offers artisan sausages, supplying them to numerous markets throughout Montana.

Owner Peter Bugoni cooked in both U.S. and European restaurants for many years. After retiring to Montana, he began creating a variety of sausages at home. Friends and relatives were so impressed, they encouraged him to start a business.

Bugoni Sausages purchases local, free-range pork from farms that don’t use growth hormones or antibiotics. The pork is ground to a chunky consistency (rather than the more common paste-like product), then the staff adds dried, crushed herbs; fresh garlic’ and locally sourced vegetables. The seasoned meat is allowed to “mature” for one day then is stuffed into natural pork casings (they use lamb casings for their breakfast sausages). For more information, go to www.bugonisausages.com or call (406)546-6970.

M & S Meats & Mercantile

Another Montana-based artisan sausage-maker is M & S Meats & Mercantile.

M & S—which, besides sausage, produces a variety of meat products—features sausages made from elk and buffalo meat (Thuringer and Summer Sausage Chub); German, Polish, and Andouille sausages; Little Smokies; and others. The company has stores in Kalispell (406-752-7199), and Rollins (406-844-3414). For additional information, check out their website, www.msmeats.com MSN

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