Bicep Curls to Support Independence and Resilience!

Bicep Curls to Support Independence and Resilience!


(BRILLIANT AGING) Weeks of sedentary days can threaten your independence. Here’s a simple activity you can do at home to support independence and resilience!

Losing physical function was considered a normal part of aging, but now we know better. Build up your functional reserves of strength, mobility, and endurance to protect your independence.

Daily activities such as lifting, carrying, dressing, and getting out of a chair or tub require arm strength. If you feel fatigued after completing small tasks that once seemed easy, it’s time to intervene. 

Improve strength by asking your muscles to do more than they’ve been doing on a regular basis. 

Strengthen your arm muscles, so you can more easily perform daily tasks, take care of your home or yard, and perhaps lift your grandchildren. Start with no weight, and gradually add more as you get stronger.


  • Sit in good posture with arms relaxed at the sides, palms facing up.
  • Bring the right hand to the right shoulder, then slowly return your arm to the side.
  • Complete eight to 12 biceps curls with the right, then the left arm.
  • Repeat both sides again.
  • To increase effort, add weights as long as it does not cause elbow pain. MSN

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