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Skullcracker Skullduggery – Moonshine

Our image of a moonshiner? A lone, lanky, scraggly, rugged, sunburnt, long-bearded, floppy-hatted. beady-eyed, suspicious, individual-liberty-lovin’, Feds-hatin’, shotgun-totin’ hillbilly, high on a remote, forested Appalachian mountain.

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Researching Historic Tipi Rings

Historic Tipi Rings

Members of the Youth Forest Monitoring Program record the placement of historic stone circles, likely tipi rings, near the banks of the Sun River along the Rocky Mountain Front.

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The art of leaving home

The Art of Leaving Home

Moving out of an apartment, as I’ve been doing recently, convinces me, at last, to resign from American consumer culture and live with only bedding, one towel, two changes of clothing, a pair of shoes, and one suit to wear for shows and also to be buried in.

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Old Yeller

Old Yeller, Best Doggone Dog in the World

I have been asked by some of you to write about the movie that most people seem to remember me for. The year was 1956 and I was asked to audition for the part of “Lisbeth” in the Walt Disney film “Old Yeller.”

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Fourth of July Birthday Tradition

A Fourth of July Birthday Tradition

It was time to celebrate­—to celebrate their safe arrival from North Dakota, to celebrate their new home (although it was temporary), and to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday, the Fourth of July.

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