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Who are we?

The Montana Senior News is a bi-monthly newspaper featuring content and advertising that Empowers, Informs, and Entertains Montana’s 50+ demographic.

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As Their Market Grows, So Does Your Business.

Why Advertise With Us?

Today’s over 50 population is healthier, more active, and wealthier than any previous generation. With most of the same needs as their younger peers, plus with the unique needs that arise with age, people over 50 are perfect for targeted advertising!

It is easy to understand why advertisers are turning their sights away from younger consumers at a time when spending power is progressively more concentrated in the 50+ age group. Households 55-64 have
more buying power per person than any other age group. And buying power has migrated from families with children to empty-nest, pre-retiree, and retired households.

Montana has a proud, independent heritage and a rapidly growing population of individuals over 50. With the baby boom generation entering its senior years, this trend will continue well into the future.

You can seize this opportunity and take advantage of the undeniable demographic trends of the Senior Market by advertising with the Montana Senior News, which has served the 50+ populations for more than a fourth of a century, in all corners of the state and beyond.

We Offer Unique Content

Montana boasts many interesting and colorful people with stories to tell about their lives and experiences. Every issue of the Montana Senior News shares those stories from across our beautiful state. We have award winning content garnering Best of Show newspaper competition awards three years in a row. (Nampa best of show 2019-2022 judged independently by University of Missouri School of Journalism)

With an estimated readership exceeding 70,000, the Montana Senior News is Montana’s newspaper for the mature reader who wants to be informed, entertained and empowered. This age group still reads and is less likely influenced by other channels.

Regardless of where you currently advertise or how you generally target your customers, you can put on a welcoming, friendly face for the 50+ demographic in Montana Senior News. We tailor editorial and advertising content, presenting Montana, her people, and her places as they have never been presented before.

We effectively serve Montana’s 50+ niche market as no other publication does. Partner with us and build your business.

Important Facts About Our Demographic


  • At over 108 million individuals, the fifty-plus group makes up one third of the total US population1
  • Holding 71% of the Nation’s wealth2
  • Have a median net worth of approximately $245,0003
  • $84 Billion projected annual spending by 20302.

The 50+ Population is Exploding!

  • The baby boomer generation is entering its senior years.
  • The death rate for older people has plummeted in the last 30 years. This is due to generally healthier lifestyles, better medical care, and progress against heart disease and cancer.
  • The number of people 65+ will double by 2030.

What does Our Demographic buy?

Boomers account for 51% of entertainment spending and and 57% of big ticket purchases including new cars2.

  • Since 80% of senior households are homeowners, they have most of the same needs as homeowners in general, plus they rely on more services such as yard and landscaping, plumbing, heating and cooling, exterior maintenance, etc.
  • With more time and disposable income, seniors are the biggest purchasers of cruises, luxury travel, and luxury automobiles.
  • Healthcare products and services are in constant demand. To address the inevitable aging process, seniors account for 63% more doctor visits than the general population and therefore incur 50% more out-of-pocket medical expenses.

How Can We Help You Reach Our Audience?

We can tailor a marketing campaign specific to your needs. Our staff is ready to help you with:

  • Classic Print Advertisements reaching a hard to target audience
  • Web Advertisements (with geofencing)
  • Sponsored Content and contextual ad serving
  • OTT Internet Video Advertising (with geofencing)
  • Advanced Digital Campaigns
  • Biweekly email newsletter ad opportunities
  • Direct mail with mapping and demographic targeting
  • Promotional items with your branding
  • New mover programs to reach the thousands of new residents that have arrived from out of state 

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