Russell Rowland

Pair of Loafers: I wanted to find a way to hide my own feet

A Pair of Loafers

I was 10 years old, standing in the doorway of a small trailer. Ten wooden desks were lined in two neat rows, facing a large teacher’s desk and a chalkboard. Eight kids stood facing me, and I looked at their feet. All six of the boys were wearing boots. I wanted to find a way to hide my own feet. I wished I could go back to a few weeks before when I talked my mother into buying me a pair of black loafers.

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MSN 345 - Big Sky 55+

Senior Advocates for Montana: Big Sky 55+

Montana has the third oldest population in the country, behind New Hampshire and Maine. Just as surprisingly, Montana has not had a group that advocates for senior issues for about 10 years, when the Montana Senior Citizens Organization fell by the wayside. Over the course of the past year, a group of resourceful seniors, led by Northern Plains Resource Council stalwart Pat Sweeney, have been forming a group to advocate for senior issues—Big Sky 55+.

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Jerry Sikorski—King of Soil Health

Jerry Sikorski, King of Soil Health

Jerry Sikorski has devised a unique strategy for farming that involves no cultivation, crop rotation, planting cover crops, and small sections of pollination crops, designed for the sole purpose of attracting more bugs.

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