Five Tips for First-Time Snowbirds

Five Tips for First-Time Snowbirds

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We did plenty of things right for first-timers. But we also did plenty wrong. No matter, we acquired useful lessons along the way that other potential snowbirds might benefit from. For anyone pondering a southern migration for the first time, these five tips may prove helpful.

MSN 345 Does Your Home Fit You?
Fourteen years ago, Shirley Tonkin was faced with aging and two abrupt changes in her life. She moved into a one-level condo with accommodations where she still lives today. Photo by Suzanne Waring

Does Your Home Fit You?

Despite aging and physical disability, Shirley Tonkin has been able to live independently in the one-level condo she moved into 14 years ago. “I have access to all areas of my home and garage, and I still drive a car with a hand brake,” she said. “I recommend that others consider their options in time to make their own decisions concerning accommodations that will fit them as they age.”