South Central – Stillwater County



1. Click the icon in the top-left corner of the map to view the menu of services. You can scroll down to see the full list. You can hide the menu by clicking it again. Click on the brackets in the top-right corner to open a full-screen view of the map in a new window.

Select a Category of Services

2. Select a type of service you’d like to locate. Icons for all available locations of that service will appear on the map. Icons will disappear when you deselect the checkbox.


3. Click on the down arrow to view all the individual listings under a specific category. Click on a listing you’d like to view. Click on the arrow again to hide the full list. Clicking on the map will also hide the full list.

Select an individual listing

4. Click on an icon on the map to view information about an individual listing. A sidebar will appear, showing information about the listing you selected. You can hide the sidebar by either clicking the back arrow in the sidebar, or by clicking any area on the map.


5. Click +/- to zoom in or out on the map for a better view. Clicking on the will zoom in closer to a specific area, and clicking on the – will zoom out for a view of a larger region. You can also zoom in or out by hovering your arrow over the map and scrolling your mouse up or down.

Hover, Click, and Drag, to View Another Area of the Map

6. Drag to view a different area of the map. Put your cursor over the map, click, and drag to view another location on the map.

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