Publisher Letter: The Silver Tsunami is Coming

Bob Hunt, Publisher of Montana Senior News/Idaho Senior Independent


Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

By BOB HUNT, Publisher

I have now received the first shot of two. Jab#1 as they say in England. It’s only been a week, and I feel a bit bolder to venture out.

I’m not alone. Most readers will be feeling safer after getting their vaccines. I’m a proponent of science. In my opinion, getting vaccinated is safer than the alternative.

I still remember seeing polio victims as a child before the disease was eradicated by vaccine protocols. Yes, there were problems, however, the science worked. I view this current pandemic as a world health event similar to polio.

Both Idaho and Montana have done well in delivering vaccine access to our audience, and our readers are ready to get out into the world to live a little.

They have weathered the storm behind closed doors and shuttered events, and they are planning their escape!

A silver tsunami is coming.

Our advertisers are braced to ride that wave. Many have reported recent growth in sales and are ready to welcome even more new business.

On the flip side, in our discussions with ad clients about advertising commitments, some say business is too good, in fact—they can’t get product, and this wave of consumers has changed the supply-and-demand curve.

Take boats and RVs for example. Both have had nationwide record sales, and the supply is low. Manufacturers just can’t keep up with the demand.

I read that new boat sales were up 12 percent in 2020 over 2019. That is the highest increase in 12 years.

RV sales are way up as well. Recreational vehicles are a great travel option, especially for seniors—they enable solitude away from the masses. Plus people can travel with their pets, and the cost of a vacation is 60 percent lower than a traditional vacation.

Within these pages, you’ll find that some of our frequent advertisers are back. They are open for business and eager to connect with our readers.

As you make your big escape, venturing out, be sure to support your local businesses. After a long year, they are ready for you. They are ready to ride the silver tsunami wave.

It’s been a year, and soon you’ll be dining out, traveling more safely, and visiting the great places of the region. Be sure to ask your favorite businesses to advertise with us, so we can help them reach our audience.

And if you see an ad in this issue that leads you to a business or organization, tell them that you read about it here. They need to know.

Finally, last issue I asked you to tell your stories. Now that you are about to gain your freedom again, please share your new experiences with us as well. Because your stories matter.

Schedule your vaccine, and enjoy the new frontiers. MSN

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