October November 2020 Issue

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Tom Harpole is Up for Anything
Up For Anything: The Madcap Adventures of Tom Harpole - Helena raconteur Tom Harpole is very much alive—despite all his mishaps. He’s bigger than life itself, one might say.
Lesson in Humility
Hunting in the Arctic: A Lesson in Humility - The Arctic cuts a hunter down to size in a hurry. Hunters who have traveled the treeless arctic will understand this lesson in humility.
Bucket List Itinerary
Senior Wire
Places I’d Like to Visit but Never Will My Bucket List Itinerary - As a travel journalist, I am dreaming about trips to places want to see — some real, others not — that are high on my bucket list itinerary.
Marvel Comics' Spiderman
© Willrow Hood, Bigstock.com
Spider-Man: The Prodigious Power of Peter Parker - Stan Lee introduced Spider-Man to the world, a character supposedly inspired by a spider crawling up a wall and a favorite comic book.
Paul McCartney Dead?
What? Paul McCartney is DEAD? — “Clues” of Abbey Road - After the release of Abbey Road, Beatle fans began digging up “evidence” of a devastating music-world tragedy—the death of Paul McCartney.
Old man stick
Old Man Stick for Keeping Balance - Over my years of Aikido training, I have grown to feel my jo — my old man stick — as an extension of my body.
Georges DiGiorgio
Smooth Sailing World Traveler Georges de Giorgio - Georges de Giorgio has packed many adventures into his 92 years. He could sing the country song, “I’ve Been Everywhere” with honesty.
Heirloom Apples: Holding History in My Hand Heirloom - It’s time for picking heirloom apples. The watering and weeding are over and, as mornings take on a chill, it’s time for harvest.
Pretty GIrl
Volunteers Help “Pretty Girl” Reach New Montana Home - Pet lovers in multiple states arranged a 2,100-mile odyssey to help an orphaned dog, Pretty Girl, that belonged to a man they’d never met.
Montana Sausage
Celebrate Sausage Month with Montana-Made Sausages - By Kathleen Mulroy October is Sausage Month! You can celebrate by chowing down on some bangers with a local flair. Bugoni’s Sausages Based in Missoula, Bugoni’s offers artisan sausages, supplying… Read More »Celebrate Sausage Month with Montana-Made Sausages
Home Canning
On the Ball? Do You Kerr? No Matter When It Comes to Home Canning It’s All Straight from the Jarden - By Suzanne Waring Do you remember the shelves of canning jars at your grandparents’ house? Or maybe you also keep canning jars to process and preserve food. Most jars have… Read More »On the Ball? Do You Kerr? No Matter When It Comes to Home Canning It’s All Straight from the Jarden
Last Chance Rhythm Mares
The Last Chance Rhythm Mares Zany Helena Kitchen Band of the 50s and 60s - By John Vollertsen and Doug and Linda Peterson What do you get when you combine a bunch of fun-loving community-minded woman whose desire was to brighten the lives of others… Read More »The Last Chance Rhythm Mares Zany Helena Kitchen Band of the 50s and 60s
Historic Brothels Flathead
Flathead Madams and Brothels … Oh My! - by DEBBIE BURKE Montana’s notorious bawdy houses and infamous madams left their historic mark on the Flathead Valley. From Whitefish to Martin City to Bigfork to Kalispell, a good time… Read More »Flathead Madams and Brothels … Oh My!
Early Printing Presses
Civilizing the West with Printing Presses - By Aaron Parrett If you were to poll historians of technology, they would all point to the printing press as one of humankind’s most important inventions. Some insightful wag once… Read More »Civilizing the West with Printing Presses