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    Alaska fishing tips Tips for Booking the Best Alaska Fishing Trip - But a successful Alaska fishing trip entails lots of online investigation and planning well in advance of any trip you might want to take.
    Eagle Cap Wilderness Mountain Memories: Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness - By HOLLY ENDERSBY The descent into the river canyon offers sweet, pine-scented breezes and respite from the August heat as our two pack mules follow the lead horse like links in a chain. We’ve come to the Eagle Cap Wilderness after an absence of 10 years, to help a friend scout out campsites for an… Read More »Mountain Memories: Oregon’s Eagle Cap Wilderness
    Becoming a Legal Guardian
    Becoming a Legal Guardian in Montana - Thinking of becoming a legal guardian for a loved one you know who needs help in Montana? Here are a few insights on how it works.
    Native American Recipes Traditional Thanksgiving, Lewis and Clark, and Native Americans - Many traditional Thanksgiving flavors trace back to Native Americans, including those found in, "Good Seeds, A Menominee Indian Food Memoir."
    Wood Rat It’s a Wood Rat — Git It! Git It! Git It! - I lurched up in my sleeping bag and saw a fur ball go flying under my cot. “It’s a wood rat!” I yelled as I grabbed my headlamp. 
    Yellowstone Hot Springs
    Photo courtesy Yellowstone Hot Springs
    Yellowstone Hot Spring Creates a Splash - If you’re a fan of natural hot spring pools, and you’re visiting Yellowstone Nat'l Park, you might want to try visit Yellowstone Hot Springs.
    Happy Fish Tale
    © Vojce, Bigstock.com
    A Fish Tale - As I sat in the tiny office, my eyes were drawn to a small glass vase on the desk. The vase was home to a tropical fish.
    anthology of women writers
    New Anthology of Montana Women Writers Flies Off Shelves - A new collection of writing by Montana women has just hit the bookshelves of local stores, and it's flying off the shelves.
    Guardianship Explained
    © Stockwerk-Fotodesign, Bigstock.com
    Legal Guardianship Explained - A legal guardian has lawful authority to assist a person with personal, medical, or property needs. Here's an overview of legal guardianship.
    Mindfulness and Grief
    Book Review: Mindfulness & Grief - Stang weaves stories of people who’ve experienced loss and grief and who have benefited from practicing mindfulness with guided meditations.
    WWII Nurses
    Photo by Suzanne Waring.
    World War II Nurses from Opposite Sides - Marian Jean Setter, 97, and Ruth Katzenberger Lowden, 93, both WWII nurses on differtent sides of the battle, became friends in Great Falls.
    Ellen Baumler, MT Haunted Tours
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    Paranormal Authors Lead Haunted History Tours - Do traces of residual energy or kind or cranky ghosts linger in homes, buildings, or places? Author Ellen Baumler knows her Montana ghosts!
    © Photo by AnshuA, Unsplash.com.
    Diwali: The Festival of Light - Diwali celebrates the victory of light over darkness, the triumph of knowledge over ignorance, and good winning over evil.
    Homeowner Associations (HOAs)
    © AndreyPopov, Bigstock.com
    Homeowner Associations (HOAs) a Mixed Blessing - Looking to move to a condo or subdivision? Learn about Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and their companion covenants. You'll be glad you did.
    Avoid single-use plastic
    Photo by Suzanne Waring
    Avoid Single-Use Plastic - Plastic microparticles have been found in the Gallatin, the Montana's pristine river that flows through some of the most beautiful terrain.
    Kellie Goodwind McBride
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    Kellie Goodwin McBride’s Career of Doing Good - She's a crusader for social justice, serving as the director of Criminal Justice Services. And she has quite a resume of helping others.
    Land of the Departed
    Photo by Einar Storsul, Unsplash.com
    New Perspective in the Lands of the Departed - Who would have thought that the land of the daparted — cemeteries — are ideal places to "kill time" and get away from it all?
    Wylie Gustafson
    Photo by Jackie McNeel
    Wylie Gustafson, the High Plains Yodeler - He’s not a drug store cowboy. He’s the real thing, tending livestock on his 600-acre ranch. His music celebrates the Great Northern Plains.
    Celestine Duncan
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    Celestine Duncan Takes Flight in Weed Management - You get a whole new perspective of a landscape at 1,500 feet above ground. But it's Celestine Duncan's daily view from her office window.
    Lost dog in Flathead
    Photo by Gail Jokerst
    Giving All for Love of a Lost Dog - Fortunately for some members of the animal kingdom—especially for this lost dog—people’s love of critters transcends all the boundaries.
    Mike Gurnett Metal Artist
    Photo by Raymond Lombardi
    Cinematographer Mike Gurnett Forges New Path - The former MFW&P cinematographer didn’t leave behind his creative spirit when he retired in 2014. In fact, he’s busier than ever.
    Scott Rosenthal, Tour Guide at the Orphan Girl Mine
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    100 Feet Underground in the Orphan Girl Mine - Scott Rosenthal leads unique, underground tours in the Orphan Girl Mine at the World Mining Museum in Butte, Mont.
    Lost Art of Bobbin Lace
    The Timeless Art of Bobbin Lace - The Appaloosa Lace Guild Preserves the Ancient Craft of bobbin lace, made by braiding and twisting threads into complex patterns.