Golf Addiction: Slowing Down for the Holidays

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Someone told me recently to not be so depressed that golf season is over. I guess they could see it on my face. After some serious contemplation, I think they are right. 

They also asked me if I had reached my golf goals for the year and if it was a good one.

The holidays are a perfect time to slow down, take a breather, and reflect back on all the goodness the year has brought. I have spent some time matching my golfing goals with the reality of it all. There’s not enough time to cover them all, but yes, I had a good year.

I figured out who I am now as a golfer. Not the starry eyed kid who wanted to improve everyday and take on the world. Hard to let go, but that time has passed. 

Oh I still am competitive and have a game good enough to claim local titles, but I also have figured out how to have fun along the way!

Meeting new people has always been an enjoyment of golf. In my first job in town 24 years ago, I knew more people than my new boss did as we canvassed local businesses. My kids are always telling me I know everyone in town. I can thank this sport for most of those introductions and never-ending camaraderie. This is the time of year to be thankful, not fighting golfing withdrawals.

Even as the new year starts and we begin looking forward, I’m not done looking back. I’m looking at family, friends, good rounds and bad. It all mashes up into something so unique—a season, one golf season, last season. 

Put it in the archives and move on. Like someone told me recently, “Don’t be so depressed that golf season is over.”

So what does this golf addict do with all the free time? Family, friends, slowing down, heading to the gym, watching the kids play basketball, and planning an attack for the next golf season.

I’m not setting playing goals. I’m setting good-time goals and putting more good times on the calendar!

If you’re a golf addict like me, try it out. Call up your golfing buddies, including family and friends, and start planning the golf outings. Maybe just in town or maybe a bucket list course—just do it. Then when another season wraps up, we can all have smiles on our faces from remembering all the good times golf gave us!

May the new year bring you more birdies than bogeys, and of course memories to last a life time. Cheers to being a golf addict! MSN

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