February March 2022 Issue

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Photo of a planter of growing dill, with scissors laying next to it, along with a bowl of clipped dill.
© serchel74, Bigstock.com
Dill Is Good for You - Anethum graveolens, commonly called dill, is good for you. it has been used for eons because it has incredible health benefits for your intestinal tract.
Photo of a patch that reads War is not healthy for children and other living things Letter from the Publisher: Keep the Peace - We elders need to remind our young how awful the realty of war is. We need to lead them through peaceful tactics. Hopefully peace will be possible.
Photo of Irish soda bread sitting on a wood board with a scattering of black currents
© Rojoimages, Bigstock.com.
Delight Guests with Colcannon, Soda Bread, and an Irish Ditty - Irish soda bread is a traditional dish worth mentioning. It’s so simple, and nothing beats it toasted with lots of butter. 
Montana Senator Mike Mansfield
Photo Courtesy Library of Congress.
Remembering Mike Mansfield, Montanan and Senate Majority Leader - March 16 marks the birthday of Mike Mansfield, the longest serving Majority Leader in US Senate history, working under 7 Presidents & holding the highest office a Montanan has ever held.
Norbert Herriges WWII Air Force Veteran who died in service
Photo courtesy of the American War Memorials Overseas, Inc.
Montana Pilot Norbert Herriges Downed in France, 1944 — Memorialized in Film - Air Force pilot Norbert Herriges of Whitefish, Mont. was flying a mission over Pourrieres, France, in 1944, when he was shot down by a German fighter pilot.
Senior woman getting acupuncture, to represent how acupuncture treatments help with pain
© Vtupinamba, Bigstock.com.
Ease Pain with Acupuncture Treatments — Medicare Covers at Least 12 Sessions - Acupuncture treatments can be very effective in easing pain. Medicare covers at least 12 sessions in 90 days for those with chronic lower back pain.
Photo of a caregiver brushing a senior woman's hair, depicting senior housing options
© Pikselstock, Bigstock.com.
Overwhelmed by Senior Housing Options? You’re Not Alone. - A wide array of senior housing options are available, but what’s appropriate for your parent or loved one will depend on their needs and financial situation.
stack of old documents to represent replacing lost documents
© PongMoji, Bigstock.com
Replacing Lost Documents - Replacing lost documents is pretty easy once you know where to turn. 
Photograph of a post-it reading "A. B. C. Understanding the Deductible, a concept for understqnding tax breaks for caregivers
© VelourRouge, Bigstock.com
Tax Breaks for Caregivers of Elderly Parents - Adult children who help look after their aging parents or other relatives can take advantage of several tax breaks for caregivers.
Photo of professional senior woman at work. Seniors are often facing age bias in the workplace
© Insta Photos, Bigstock.com.
50+ and Looking for Extra Income? Combat Age Bias in the Workplace - Job-hunting has morphed into the new senior hobby. But to combat age bias in the workplace, senior job applicants need a different angle to make an impression.
photo of a large RV
© PC Imaging, Bigstock.com.
RV Having Fun Yet? - Aging is the politically correct way of saying “becoming an old fart.” You know you've become one when you drive clear across the country for some RV fun.
Funny illustration depicting the concept of zombie microbes.
© Panova, Bigstock.com
Fight Off Those Zombie Microbes! - NASA scientists revived bacteria trapped in a frozen Alaskan pond for 32,000 years. Will our collective aging immune system defend us from zombie microbes? 
Photo of Mark Whitehead and his wife, Jody.
Mark Whitehead: A Life that Glitters and Shines - Mark Whitehead spent his life traveling the world and working his way to the top of the mining industry. He's seen more places in the world than most people.
Cover of the book Murder and Mayhem in Gallatin County, Mont., by Kelly Suzanne Hartman
On Murder and Mayhem: Gallatin County’s Murderous Past - Gallatin was beyond wild in the early days of Montana statehood, according to Kelly Suzanne Hartman, author of "Murder and Mayhem in Gallatin County, Mont." 
Photo depicting concept of heart health
© Chinnapong, Bigstock.com
Tips For Healthier Living with Heart Disease - If you have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease, don't despair. You can take charge of your situation with these tips.
Photo of a sleep apnea monitor
Photo by eXciteOSA.com.
Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea - Loud snorers regularly waking themselves from sleep should test for sleep apnea, a dangerous disorder affecting over 22 million Americans.
Montana herbalist Elaine Sheff
The Natural Choice: Montana Herbalist Elaine Sheff - Montana herbalist Elaine Sheff says we shouldn't have to choose between conventional Western or alternative medicine — we can have both.
Publisher Bob Hunt
Community and the Demise of the $5 Footlong - I wonder what Stagecoach Mary would say today about the price of stamps or an increase in the cost of a $5 footlong.
Mule train on the 1,100-foot level, Rarus Mine, Butte, Mont. The mule pulls an ore wagon with two unidentified miners.
Creator Norman Forsyth, circa 1910
Montana Memory Project Preserves Oral Histories - Take a step back in time with the Montana Memory Project, to visit people who lived through Montana's booms and busts in the 20th century.
Photo of pioneer "Stagecoach" Mary Fields
Stagecoach Mary: Montana Pioneer and Star Route Carrier - MONTANA HISTORY: Born a slave somewhere in Tennessee, Mary Fields lived to become one of the freest souls ever to draw a breath, or a .38.”
Closely cropped photo of a man pushing a senior woman in a wheelchair
© Sasirin Pamai, Bigstock.com
When a Caregiver Dies - A little forethought for those left behind when a caretaker dies can ease much of the suffering left by the consequences of their passing.
Icing Smiles Cake
Icing Smiles Volunteers Bake for Sick Kids and Their Families - Icing Smiles volunteer bakers provide sweet relief to ailing children and their families, even if only temporarily.
Senior citizen collecting water samples from a river
© Goodluz, Bigstock.com
Have Outdoor Skills? Citizen Science Awaits! - Volunteer citizen scientists help researchers with the specific data needed to make positive changes in our world.
Millie Whalen, new owner of Cassiopeia Books in Great Falls, Montana
Photo by Jonathan Rimmel
Millie Whalen: Whole New Life after 60 - Millie Whalen took the plunge, moving from New York City to Great Falls, Montana, and diving into a whole new career.