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Abstract illustration of banker holding holding up a financial institution
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Will Your Banker Save You in the Next Crash? - Elected representatives need strength and fortitude to stand up for consumers, helping them avoid financial ruin.
Photograph of young and old hands holding each other
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Homework Can Pay Off for Caregivers - As a family caregiver, doing some homework can pay off in terms of improving your well-being and that of the person you care for.
Photo of a bunch of penguins
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Jigsaw Puzzles, Penguin Madness, and Fun - Jigsaw puzzles are great for low-cost fun, improving your short-term memory, and solidifying your disdain for penguins.
Illustrated text reading "Disney • Pixar Soul"
Movie Review: Soul by Disney Plus - The creative folks behind Soul chose a primary character that would show how African-Americans have been connected to jazz history.
Illustration of a broom sweeping away an abstract representation of the mind inside the outline of a head.
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Study Links Repeated Negative Thinking to Dementia - A University College London study found that persistently engaging in negative thinking might raise the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.
Senior man in a blue t-shirt smirking while covering his mouth with his hand.
© Koldunov, Bigstock.com
Humor: Words Matter in Medical Updates to Family and Friends - I learned to pay more attention to medical terms and stop confusing my wife with my mispronunciation of words. Words matter.
Radio Recliner Record Album
Radio Recliner: Become a DJ at a Pirate Radio Station - By DEBBIE BURKE The classic film American Graffiti features legendary DJ, Wolfman Jack, who broadcast rock and roll from a secret location, supposedly in Mexico, flouting FCC restrictions by exceeding… Read More »Radio Recliner: Become a DJ at a Pirate Radio Station
Women's History Matters
Image courtesy Montana Historical Society
Dialogue About MT Women History - In Montana, the Historical Society has helped fill the gaps in history with their Women’s History Matters website.
Illustration of digestive tract and microbiota
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Hacks for Tired People: Eight Ways to Fight Fatigue - Experiencing fatigue & digestive problems? Pharmacist Suzy Cohen says focusing on mitochondria in your gut is key to reclaiming your energy.
Laura Sable and Bill Wiemuth standing on a boat in Alaska. They offer virtual cruises.
Photo courtesy Bill Wiemuth and Laura Sable
Charting Their Own Course: Couple Creates Virtual Cruises - Sidelined by the pandemic, yet with songs to sing and stories to tell, this couple created an innovative virtual cruise experience.
Senior man connecting with his family through a Zoom video conferencing app on his laptop
© yalcin.sonat, Bigstock.com.
Zoom In: Keeping In Touch with Video Conferencing - People rely on Zoom video conferencing to stay connected with like-minded groups—for quiz get-togethers, music rehearsals, classes, and more.
Feed Your Addiction to Golf in the Off Season
© morrbyte, Bigstock.com
Feed Your Addiction to Golf in the Off Season - I’ve been denying my true addiction to golf for many years, but, as I grow older, it seems to be coming to light.
Image of money next to a tipped over swearing jar. Sign says "You say it you pay it"
© Rabbitti, Bigstock.com
Fiddlesticks and Foul Words: Giving it Up for Lent - By LYNN WALKER GENDUA (SENIOR WIRE) Lent 2021 begins on Wednesday, February 17. And by the time Easter gets here, my church is going to receive a rather large donation… Read More »Fiddlesticks and Foul Words: Giving it Up for Lent
Photo of The Springs of Flathead Valley
Online Event: Community Conversations About the Golden Years - Planning for the golden years or caring for an elderly loved one? Join these monthly online lunch-&-learn sessions — Community Conversations.
Barb Brant of Foolish Blooms holding flowers
Barb Brant Makes Magic with Foolish Blooms - Folks turning passion into successful businesses are lucky in life. Barb Brant, the creative force behind Foolish Blooms, certainly is lucky.
Photo of pork dumplings for the Lunar New Year recipe idea
Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Classic Dish for Celebrating Lunar New Year: Pork Dumplings - Food is an integral part of many celebrations around the world. Try out this Lunar New Year recipe to kick off this season's festivities.
Medicare Phone Scam Graphic
© New Design Illustrations, Bigstock.com
Medicare Phone Scam—Calls to Update Your Medicare Information - On Medicare? Be aware of a reported Medicare phone scam, where callers claim to be Medicare calling to update information over the phone.
Steelhead close-up floating under aquamarine water background
© iknikpo, Bigstock.com
Steelhead: A Fish for Fanatics - Steelhead anglers cast all day in frigid temperatures to MAYBE catch one fish, thinking it's worth it, frozen extremities notwithstanding.
Steelhead close-up floating under aquamarine water background
© iknikpo, Bigstock.com
Steelhead: A Fish for Fanatics - Steelhead anglers cast all day in frigid temperatures to MAYBE catch one fish, thinking it's worth it, frozen extremities notwithstanding.
Bob Hunt, Publisher of Montana Senior News/Idaho Senior Independent
Letter from the Publisher: Tell Your Story - Tell your story to your family, your caregivers, and the young. You have the ability to influence the next generations ahead of you.
Vintage Better Homes and Gardens Cook Books
Photo by Suzanne Waring
The Old and New Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook - When the pandemic struck, it was time to dust off the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbooks to make nutritious meals.
Ammonite Fossil
© Fyletto, Bigstock.com.
Ammonite: The Jurassic Jewel - I’m a rocker. Not the rock-and-roll kind, the geo-kind—a rockhound, an amateur collector of Earth’s past. My jurassic jewel is an ammonite.
Rosella Whitehead
In Memory of Rosella Whitehead: From Youngest Postmaster to Oldest USDA Employee - Hauling a bull to South Dakota? A heifer to Hawaii? You'd have needed approval from Rosella Whitehead, export certification specialist.
Valkyrie-Hero of Plane Crash Rescue
Photo by Betty Kuffel
Valkyrie’s Flight: Tail of a Plane Crash Rescuer - If you hear “Flight of the Valkyries,” recall the plane crash rescue dog named after folklore of Valkyries carrying dead heroes to Valhalla.
Legalization of recreational marijuana
© BAZA Production, Bigstock.com
Marijuana—Not Just for College Kids - In Montana, 42 percent of medical marijuana cardholders are over 51. Legalization of recreational use will likely reduce the attached stigma.
Stay Connected Online
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Making Online Connections - During the Pandemic, many of us are missing cherished, in-person relations. Now might be the right time to make some online connections.
Printing presses in the west
Civilizing the West with Printing Presses - The arrival of the first printing press in frontier territory marked the moment that the region passed into “civilization.”
Barn Owl at the Owl Research Institute
Photo courtesy the Owl Research Institute
Night Watchers: Montana’s Owl Research Institute - For more than 30 years, the Owl Research Institute has gathered data to help understand and protect these night watchers.
Southwest – Deer Lodge County - Find critical assistance for seniors in Deer Lodge County, MontanaFind critical assistance for seniors in Deer Lodge County, Montana