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    Stretch Food
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    Ten Ways to Stretch Food Resources - A little goes a long way! Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of the food you have on hand...and how to make it last.
    Reflections: To Thine Own Self Be True
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    Reflections: To Thine Own Self be True While Coping with Social Isolation - Shakespeare's famous line comes to mind as I consider coping with social isolation & restrictions imposed by the current health challenge.
    For the Birds
    Photo by Shannon Fritts.
    For the Birds: Harney County Migratory Bird Festival - Harney Basin is designated as one of the three most important areas in the West for birds to stop, rest, and feed before continuing on North.
    Reborn Pittsburgh
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    Reborn Pittsburgh for Your Bucket List - Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the coal industry, Pittsburgh is a shining example of what a modern metropolis can and should be.
    Wallace Idaho Center of the Universe
    Photo by Jack McNeel
    Center of the Universe: Wallace, Idaho - If scientists could not prove Wallace, Idaho is NOT the center of the universe, then the absence of such proof confirms that it is.
    Knives Out Movie Review
    Movie Review: Knives Out - Legendary actor Christopher Plummer plays an 85-year-old mystery novelist who dispenses with his vast fortune in a most intriguing manner.
    Jane Bennett Munro
    Pathologist Dr. Jane Bennett Munro Writes About Murder - Dr. Jane Bennet Munro's extensive experience as a pathologist gives the stories in her books a ring of authenticity.
    Opioid Crisis Fallout Part 2
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    Seniors in Pain: Fallout from the Opioid Crisis Part 2 - Seniors share personal experiences of how they pay the price in pain for the crackdown on prescription narcotics.
    Avoiding Disinformation
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    Detecting and Avoiding Disinformation - We can try to eliminate what is being fed to us as propaganda so our voting decisions are based on unbiased thinking.
    Grandparent Rights
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    Grandparents Have Rights, Too - Grandparents should have the opportunity to visit and create meaningful relationships with a grandchild if the child benefits from doing so.
    Earth Day Celebrates 50 Years
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    Earth Day Celebrates 50 Years - Earth Day is one of the largest secular observances in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people around the world.
    Photo courtesy Latitude Margaritaville
    Margaritaville Retirement Communities — A Whole Way of Life - Latitude Margaritaville offers a laidback vibe for anyone looking to escape harsh winters and reside in an easy-living retirement community.
    Life, Old Age, Love, and Expectations
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    Life, Old Age, Love, and Expectations - If we give or receive less than the very best we are capable of, we will be filled with regrets of things that might have been.
    Tatting: Not Knitting or Crocheting - Tatting is the 200-year-old art of making a lace with loops and knots. All you need is thread, a shuttle, and your hands.
    Photo by Suzanne Waring
    Planting Our Favorite Annual: Petunias - Here are just a few pointers for making your favorite annuals, petunias, thicker and healthier all summer long.
    Hi-Tech Car
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    Perils of a Hi-Tech Car - The problem is that the hi-tach car we bought is smart, and we are in the dark ages.
    Sheep Wagon Love Story
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    Sheep Wagon Love Story - A mother sat with her daughter on a big rock, watching the sun set across the river. With sadness, she related the sheep wagon stories.
    A Short History of Mother’s Day
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    A Short History of Mother’s Day - This year, Mother’s Day occurs on Sunday, May 10. Here's a little history on Mother's Day tradition in the United States.
    John Mues
    Photo courtesy John Mues
    John Mues: World Traveler & Military Veteran Learns from Seniors - “We could be doing so much more to get seniors engaged in the community,” says John Mues.
    Montana Senior News - Hydropower
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    Hydropower: Seniors See Many Benefits of Swimming - Swimming is a powerful daily motivator, a key to good health, and a reason for going the distance after a challenging injury.
    © pollinator.org
    Let’s Help the Pollinators Thrive - Without pollinators the human race would not survive. Pollinators are critical for producing more than one-third of our food products.
    Dennis Taylor
    Photo by Nann Parrett
    Dennis Taylor: The Man They Wouldn’t Let Retire - Anyone who knows Dennis Taylor will tell you he’s the kind of person who makes America great.
    Protect Elderly Parents During Coronavirus
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    Protect Elderly Parents During Pandemic - Public health officials and the CDC have recommendations to protect elderly parents while they wait for the pandemic to pass.
    Elders Can Maintain Mental Heath for COVID-19
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    Managing Mental Health Impacts of the Covid-19 Crisis - The Coronavirus is worrysome, particularly for the elderly. But we should focus on managing anxieties resulting from fear of the virus.
    Montana's Dinosaur Loop
    Photo courtesy Museum of the Rockies.
    Your Spring Road Trip: Montana’s Dinosaur Loop - Montana has been the hot spot of dinosaur discoveries since the mid-1800’s and even today, new finds are being unearthed.
    Taxidermy Memories
    Making Memories in Taxidermy - Taxidermy makes visible reminders of what every hunter holds dear. Crafting unique animal displays is a hallmark of Dr. Dwight Curtis’s work.
    Oregon Whale Watching
    © MikeLaptev, Bigstock.com
    March is Whale Watching Time - Oregon's peak spring whale watching time for gray whale migration is March 21-29, when thousands of whales swim by with their young.
    Bridges of Lane County
    Photo by Jackie McNeel.
    The Bridges of Lane County: They Go Great with Local Wine! - When paired with the region’s wineries, the historical bridges near Eugene, Ore., make for a fabulously unique vacation.
    Bali Dance
    © WitthayaP, Bigstock.com.
    Bucket List: Studying Dance in Bali - Last winter, I flew to Bali, Indonesia, to take Balinese dance and participate in one of the world’s most popular ecstatic dance events.
    Queen of Swing—Mildred Bailey of the Coeur d'Alene Reservation
    Photo courtesy Library of Congress [William P. Gottlieb Collection, 99-401005].
    Queen of Swing—Mildred Bailey of the Coeur d’Alene Reservation - People don't think of Idaho when they think of the Jazz Swing Era, but songbird Mildred Bailey grew up on the Coeur d’Alene Reservation.
    Elder Mediation
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    Setting Families Up for Success with Eldercare Mediation - An Eldercare Mediator can act as an objective third party to help resolve conflicts during an elder family member's health crisis.
    Exercise With Hypertension
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    Can I Safely Exercise with Hypertension? - You definitely need to exercise with hypertension. Exercise on a regular basis will help to keep you healthy overall.
    Max Salisbury
    Photo by Mike Cuffe.
    Max Salisbury: World-Class Cowboy - “You know, the average fella munching a Big Mac in some city never knows fellas like me help get the beef in the bun,” said Max Salisbury.
    Elderly Fraud
    Photo courtesy Debbie Burke
    Elderly Fraud: When Fiction Becomes Reality - Witnessing elderly fraud firsthand—When $20,000 was stolen from my adopted mother, Ruth, the crime became personal.
    Montana Real ID
    What to Know about the Montana REAL ID - Montana residents will be required to have a REAL ID if they want to take domestic flights. The deadline is October 2020.
    What About Lying
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    What About Lying? - The attempt toward truth must not be forsaken. We need to renew our vows to speak and evaluate for truth, and it all begins with you—and me.
    Treehouse-The Kids Can Use it Too
    © Soupstock, Bigstock.com
    Treehouse: The Kids Can Use It, Too. - I did not build my little crows' nest treehouse for my grandchildren or the neighborhood kids, but they can use it too.
    Jackie Henrion's Rerooted
    Hope in History: Rerooted from Idaho Home Inspiration - Rerooted by Jackie Henrion is part historical fiction, part poetry, part personal narrative, and part didactic.
    Intermittent Father and Grandfather
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    The Intermittent Father and Grandparent - One son now dwells in the stark range of the Rocky Mountains; one son in the forest-blanketed mountains of the Appalachians.
    Montana Elder Tax Credit
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    Montana Tax Credits Could Get You Money Back - The Elderly Homeowner/Renter Tax Credit, worth up to $1,000, is refundable, meaning you can receive the credit even if you owe no tax at all.
    February is National Pet Dental Health Month
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    February is National Pet Dental Health Month - Poor pet dental health not only damages teeth and gums, it can affect internal organs, like the heart, kidney, and liver.
    Quotations That Inspire Me
    Photo by Gail Jokerst
    Quotations That Speak To Me and For Me - You can know people by the quotations that crop up in their conversation. Those phrases provide clear insight into character.
    Special Act of Friendship
    Photo by Chuck Parrett
    A Special Act of Friendship - "John, though you now live several states away, here’s a tip of my well-worn hat for that special act of friendship more than 40 years ago!"
    2020 Montana Gerontology Conference
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    38th Annual Montana Gerontology Conference: A Team Approach to Aging Well - Planning for the 38th annual Montana Gerontology Society Conference is well underway. This year’s theme, A Team Approach to Aging Well, will provide many excellent opportunities for learning and connecting with others in the field of aging. The event occurs April 16th and 17th, at Missoula’s Holiday Inn Downtown, 200 S. Pattee Street. Discounted guest… Read More »38th Annual Montana Gerontology Conference: A Team Approach to Aging Well
    Virtual Historians
    Photo courtesy Montana Historical Society, the Montana Memory Project.
    Local Historians — A Virtual World Community - Social media groups give virtual historians opportunities to exchange info & clarify varying accounts of the past, creating a written record.
    Absaroka Hydro Facility
    Photo courtesy of Absaroka Energy.
    Absaroka Hydro Facility — A Boost for Renewable Energy - Absaroka Energy in Bozeman, Mont., is developing a “hydro battery” that makes renewable energy more balanced, reliable, and cost-effective.
    International Suites
    Photo by Suzanne Waring
    Discover the International Suites - The International Suites is the pinnacle of visitor-related businesses in Winnifred, Mont., a community with a population of about 200 people.
    Celebrating Womens History Month - Jeannette Rankin
    Flickr Commons project, 2015.
    Celebrating Women’s History Month - For Women’s History Month, we celebrate three Montana women who have made a difference: Jeannette Rankin, Myrna Loy, and Minnie Two Shoes.
    Montanans Don't Let Winter Interfere
    © Bora030, Bigstockcom
    Never Let the Winter Interfere - For the most part we Montanans are usually successful at never letting the weather interfere with our plans.
    Phil Crist
    Photo by Raymond Lombardi
    Phil Crist Teaching Old Saws New Tricks - Whom do you call when a tree has fallen across a wilderness trail, and your crosscut blade is dull? Phil Crist, of course!