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    In most cases, the damage inflicted by high blood pressure takes place over time. Left undetected or uncontrolled, high blood pressure can lead to several critical situations.
    Have a Heart: Check Your Blood Pressure - By MARY ANN REUTER The only way to know if you have high blood pressure, also called hypertension, is to have your blood pressure tested. Understanding the results is key to controlling high blood pressure, according to the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA). Your blood pressure is recorded as two numbers. Systolic blood pressure (the… Read More »Have a Heart: Check Your Blood Pressure
    Bleu Horses by Jim Dolan
    Photo Courtesy Jim Dolan
    Montana’s Bleu Horses - Just north of Three Forks, you'll see a herd grazing on the hillside. They are the Bleu Horses, an artist's gift to the people of Montana.
    Mary Long Alderson Montana Suffragist
    Mary Long Alderson: Montana Woman Suffragist - We have Alderson to thank for being especially steadfast in working to gain women the right to vote, for encouraging women to be progressive, and for bringing forth the bitterroot as the state flower.
    print by James Todd
    The Thoughtful Printmaker: James Todd - Printmaker James Todd brings flexibility to his art through line drawing, wood cutting, engraving, and painting.
    Winter Bird Feeder
    All the World’s a Bird Feeder in Winter - If you are feeling a touch of the blues, hang a well-stocked bird feeder in winter for a bit of theater.
    Montana Gerontology Conference
    © Ocskay Bence, Bigstock.com.
    The 37th Annual Gerontology Society Conference—Aging in Montana: Something in Common - The theme for this year’s Gerontology Society conference is “Aging Together in Montana: Something in Common.” It will provide many excellent opportunities to connect and learn. The venue will be at the Best Western Premier Helena Great Northern Hotel, 835 Great Northern Boulevard, Helena, MT. The 2019 Conference Planning Committee is in full force. Christina… Read More »The 37th Annual Gerontology Society Conference—Aging in Montana: Something in Common
    John C. Board, Longtime Archie Bray Volunteer
    Photo by Carrie Scozzaro
    A Life of Surprises and Serving Others: Archie Bray Volunteer John C. Board - There was no doubt whose name should appear on the door of the new Archie Bray library,
    She the loyal dog of Fort Benton
    Photo courtesy Bill Gue.
    Shep the Faithful Dog - Historic Fort Benton is known as the first town in Montana. The well-known story of Shep the faithful dog attracts many visitors there.
    The Arbuckle family has lived in Carter county since 1898.
    Photo courtesy Kay Arbuckle
    Remembering the Arbuckles - Kay Arbuckle Reflects On History of Her Southeastern Montana Family. They've lived in Carter county since 1898.
    Nils Rosdahl with former student Devin (Hellman) Weeks
    A Charmed Life in Print: Nils Rosdahl - By CARRIE SCOZZARO Nils Rosdahl is a self-proclaimed word nerd, whose passions also include family, singing in the choir, playing pickleball, and ducking into a local eatery where, even if he doesn’t know everyone, most locals have heard of him. Rosdahl notices, for example, that most people say “towards,” adding an unnecessary S at the… Read More »A Charmed Life in Print: Nils Rosdahl
    Preparation is key to estate planning
    © BillionPhotos.com, Bigstock.com
    Importance of Estate Planning - Don’t wait until your mind is foggy or your time is close. Estate planning ahead of time is extremely important for you and your loved ones.
    Wine for Lovers
    Wine for Lovers–And Others - Without love and attention, vines wouldn’t be cared for, grapes harvested. And YEARS wouldn’t be spent on creating the best wine possible.
    Delia Owens, author of Where the Crawdad Sings
    Where the Crawdad Sings - Delia Owens of North Idaho wrote her first novel in her 60s.“It was liike starting a second career on the 99-yard line.”
    Lessen the Burden of Caregiving
    © Amy Pyang, Bigstock.com
    Lessen the Burden of Caregiving - Although a noble job, caregiving is a lot of work. Ease the burden and make sure your health own isn’t compromised.
    NorthWestern Energy and MT Public Utility Commission Propose Rate Hikes
    Setting the Rates: NorthWestern Energy and PSC Propose Rate Hikes - For residential users, the proposed rates would mean an “average monthly bill increase of $6.37 per month.”
    WWI Montana: The Treasure State Prepares - Ken Robison skillfully chronicles the investment of men and women that Montana made in the so-called “War to end all wars.”
    Boyes Italian Dinner
    © Magrig, Bigstock.com
    The Boyes Ladies Club’s Annual Italian Dinner - Save the date. Put it on your List. Circle the Sunday after Valentine’s Day. Make plans togo to the Boyes Ladies Club Annual Italian Dinner.
    Montana winters are cold
    © Sarah Ehlen, Bigstock.com.
    Montana Winters: So Cold - By CHUCK PARRETT, retired USGS Hydrologist You’ve undoubtedly heard some of the jokes about Montana winters, such as: “Yes, Montana has four seasons—almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction;” or “You know you’re in Montana if you have to make your kid’s Halloween costume large enough to fit over her parka;” blah, blah, blah.… Read More »Montana Winters: So Cold
    Walk to End Alzheimer's
    Lessons from Inside Alzheimer’s - Alzheimer’s manifests itself differently in every person. The disease gives us important opportunities to rise to be our best selves.
    James Pierson Beckwourth
    From Slave to Early American Explorer: James Pierson Beckwourth - By KATHLEEN MULROY James Pierson Beckwourth, a former slave, shattered boundaries as an early American mountain man, explorer, scout, fur trader, warrior both for and against Native Americans, and story teller. The adventurer, known as Jim, was born in Virginia sometime between 1798 and 1805. His mixed-race mother, whose name was not recorded, was a slave… Read More »From Slave to Early American Explorer: James Pierson Beckwourth
    Camp Bullwheel
    Camp Bullwheel: Outdoor Rec For Vets and People with Disabilities - Camp Bullwheel, in Ennis, Mont., allows disabled guests and veterans to have wonderful outdoor experiences with fishing at the forefront.
    Pencil Sketches of Montana by Alfred Mathews
    Pencil Sketches of Montana - Alfred Mathews’ Work From 1868—Pencil Sketches of Montana—on Display at Free Ceramics in Helena.