Hacks for Tired People: Eight Ways to Fight Fatigue

Illustration of digestive tract and microbiota



(SENIOR WIRE) I bet some of you who deal with chronic fatigue are feeling very misunderstood by others. Maybe you have a fear of not being believed or being perceived negatively.

I have compassion for you. Fatigue is not something someone can see like a broken ankle. It’s something people have to take your word for.

If you have experience with fatigue, I have help for you today. You can’t beat fatigue if you don’t know what the underlying cause is. You can try energy-boosting, mito-loving supplements and support GI health, which can help you produce energy.

Sometimes just ending a tedious job or leaving a challenging relationship can fill your cup with new reserves of energy. I want to be careful that I don’t medicalize fatigue, because we live in a weird time where every symptom gets you a drug.

Since I’m a registered pharmacist and crazy about natural medicine, I’d like to move away from the psychological perspective now and offer you some treatment options.

What Not to Do

Many new remedies exist today, but one of them I do not recommend is a fecal microbiota transplant. Not kidding here! Do not get talked into this procedure for chronic fatigue.

Fecal microbiota is the medical term for a procedure in which “stool” from a healthy person (the donor) is placed into another person’s intestine in the hopes that the donor’s microbiota (i.e. probiotics) will flourish and help re-establish yours. I mention it because I’m into new research, and I came across a study that showed a fecal transplant could improve symptoms of fatigue in people with irritable bowel syndrome. 

But it’s a head scratcher to me, because I would have suggested taking vitamin B supplements and probiotics (along with dietary restrictions) before doing the stool transplant. (I have a comprehensive version of this article I can email to you if you sign up for the newsletter at suzycohen.com.)

Hacks and Hormones

Here are some of the most important energy hacks and hormone considerations that may help you. 

  • CoQ10 – Important for muscle contractions.
  • Thyroid – Low levels of thyroid hormone cause mental and physical fatigue.
  • Trimethylglycine (TMG) – It’s a methyl donor that spawns other energy-producing nutrients.
  • Hormones – Reduced estrogen can cause fatigue.
  • Iron – Iron deficiency anemia can make you tired and dizzy.
  • Creatine – Creatine leads to more adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and supports muscle health.
  • Greens – Certain superfoods and super fruits can improve mental clarity and physical stamina.
  • Zinc – New research suggests zinc enhances cellular energy reserves.

Reclaim Your Energy

In short, the best way to reclaim energy if you have digestive issues is to start with your digestion, because a lot of mitochondria reside in the gut. Emerging research shows there is cross-talk between your gut and your muscles. Supplements like those listed in this article may be extraordinarily helpful and should be carefully considered with the help of a qualified practitioner.


See a longer version of this article at suzycohen.com.

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