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Photo of peppermint sprig in a cup next to a bottle of liquid infused with peppermint
Peppermint A Cool Solution for IBS - Peppermint is a beautiful plant that has been proven to help with Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Illustration depicting blockchain technology concept
© Putilov Denis,
Blockchain: Coming to A Bank Near You - Blockchain is a novel technology enabling things like cryptocurrency to exist in the way they do. 
Photo of a senior woman wearing a mask, sitting on a blue couch.
Arts Media,
Beating the Blues and Managing Depression - Sometimes, depression and fears can get the best of us. Here are some techniques you can use to help manage depression.
Money in a jar labeled "Retirement" on a pink background
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How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement? - Calculating an approximate number of how much you’ll need to save for retirement is actually pretty easy and doesn’t take long to do.
Where Have All the Snowbirds Gone?
Where Have All the Snowbirds Gone? - My wife and I are the only snowbirds we know. Few are willing to brave the early-bird special lines to stake out a claim to Florida sunshine. 
photo of a senior woman checking her fitness watch before running a rutted dirt road
Fitness Tracking and Coaching Technology  - A nutritious diet and lots of exercise help weight loss and lowers blood pressure, but the key to good health is fitness tracking technology.
Celebrate Winter Solstice 2021
Celebrate Winter Solstice 2021 - Winter Solstice 2021 offers a special treat—a “Great Conjunction,” when Jupiter & Saturn are closer together than they've been in centuries.
Illustration of a sign reading "SENIOR DISCOUNT"
© karenroach,
My First Senior Discount - I know why I got my first senior discount. I wasn't qualified, but I wasn't depressed—just eager to get the Medicare enrollment discount.
A goofy Christmas family portrait
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Adjusting Family Holiday Plans - In striving for connection at special times of the year, we parsed our family holiday plans finer than I ever would have imagined years ago
Find Old Friends Online
© Postmodern Studio,
Find Old Friends Online - Thanks to the Internet, tracking down long-lost friends is relatively easy to do, and, in most cases, it won’t cost you a cent.
Photo of elderly woman sitting down to Christmas dinner.
© Aaron Amat,
Lighten the Load—Help an Older Relative Fight the Holiday Blues - Some people are apprehensive and may experience heightened feelings of loneliness as Christmas approaches. You can help lighten the load.
holiday chocolate treats — Hershey's cocoa kisses
Chocolate Treats for the Holiday Season - Chocolate treats evocative of the season will be sure to please friends and family alike — hot cocoa kisses.
Cover of Debbie Burke's new thriller, Flight to Forever.
Book Review: Flight to Forever, by Debbie Burke - From a Montana senior care facility to the peak of Forever Mountain, Debbie Burke ratchets up the pace and intensity in Flight to Forever
Photo of a chukar walking on hard ground with a blurred chukar in the background
© Phototrip,
A Chukar Hunter’s Stocking Stuffer - This article contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Review by HOLLY ENDERSBY Having bird hunters on your holiday gift list can be a challenge, but a book that provides solid information, as well as humor, is sure to please those avid game bird enthusiasts. Look no further than A… Read More »A Chukar Hunter’s Stocking Stuffer
Left to Right: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jane Campion, Alan Weltzien, Kristen Dunst
Left to Right: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jane Campion, Alan Weltzien, Kristen Dunst.
Montana Professor Brings Hollywood to Dillon - Turning Thomas Savage's "Power of the Dog" into a movie has been a long time coming. UM professor Alan Weltzien helped make it happen.
Charles Clark Mansion (aka the Fez Club)
Photo from the National Register, US Department of the Interior.
Organizations Preserving Montana’s Historic Districts - Historic districts offer many benefits for a community, including educational opportunities and tourism focal points.
Closeup of ornaments on a Christmas tree
Christmas Trees: Electric vs Real - I developed an antipathy toward artificial Christmas trees until we realized one of our children had an allergic reaction to live-cut trees.
Apples on a tree at night, before a cold frost
© Andrew282.
It’ll Be Cold Tonight! But Cold Enough to Pick Apples? - Apples can stand two or three hours down to 28. Drop the temp one more degree, and the fruit will freeze and spoil from the inside out.
Helena's Temple Emanu-El; Photo by Evan Jones, Montana Jewish Project
Montana Jewish Project Reclaims Helena’s Historic Emanu-El Temple - For almost 100 years, Helena has lacked a Jewish community center. Organizers of the Montana Jewish Project hope that's about to change.
Montanans Who Served at Pearl Harbor
© graphy111,
Montanans Who Served at Pearl Harbor - Of the 2,403 people killed during the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor Naval Base on Dec. 7, 1941, 14 were from Montana.
Photo of a female hunter taking aim with her rifle.
© Franz12,
The Hunters Season - Time, like a river, keeps on flowing. We can’t stop it or make more of it. It’s what we do with time — in the hunters season — that matters. 
Closeup photo of a tee'd up golf ball sporting a Santa hat.
© New Africa,
Golf Addiction: Slowing Down for the Holidays - The Holidays are a perfect time for slowing down, taking a breather, and reflecting back on all the goodness the year has brought.
Cover of the book Gun Fight by Ryan Busse
Book Review: Gunfight by Ryan Busse - Hunters are devouring Gunfight by Ryan Busse, former VP of Sales and Marketing for the Kimber Firearms company and Kalispell, Mont., resident.
Closeup photo of a bowl of vegetable soup.
© Joe Gough,
The Best Homemade Vegetable Soup - This vegetable soup with crackers and some fruit is an economical comfort food on a winter night — a good way to eat the vegetables you need. 
Northwest Cider Association December Cider Sampler
Local Artisan Cider Houses Pressed for the Holidays - Montana cider houses offer prize-winning, artisanal beverages made from locally harvested fruit, some specifically for the holiday season.
Publisher Bob Hunt
Letter from the Publisher: Replace Fear with Gratitude - What if you count to five before reacting to an idiotic situation? Instead of responding like a jackass, try this simple solution—gratitude.